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  2. I applied for my parents 130/GC/AP in Aug'18 while they were in US on B2 VISA (validity until 2024) 6month VISA ended in September. However they stayed in US because of pending 485 application Completed fingerprinting in October Due to some emergency, they had to leave US in November. Emergency AP was denied in local USCIS office even though the intent was genuine I-131 RFE issued in March asking for evidence of stay or departure. GC approved and card sent in April'19 Please help me with the next steps. Will there be a problem while entering the US?
  3. Hello, RMV did not renew my DL (reason - Unable to issue DL without approval notice), My existing H1B expires next week, I have the renewal receipt. Does any one experienced similar issue in Massachusetts ? Any work around to get DL renewed ? Thanks,
  4. Thank you for your suggestion. We have indeed decided to go to Mexico for stamping and then apply stand alone EAD renewal and hope to get it approved before my current EAD expires.
  5. Thank you very much for your replies @shekar11 and @SPV. I was considering making an Infopass appointmemt at a nearby center to discuss the situation and try and correct if necessary. But if you all think that this should not be a problem, then I will continue with same. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, I got my h1 extension filed in June 2018, got the approval in Oct 2018. My I94 is valid till Aug 2021. But during the h1 extension approval process, I had to change the project and I have filed amendment. I got my amendment RFE and with that I got an Intent to revoke from USCIS on 2nd April 2019 on the approved extension, the reason being my employer filed my extension saying he is not h1 dependent but his records doesnt say so, USCIS gave 30 day notice. Now I have filed my h1 transfer on premium queue with all the documents from the current ongoing project, I'll be recieving the receipt by end of this week. My questions are:- 1. Can my old employer withdraw my h1 petition? 2. Can I continue to work with my current client with H1 transfer receipt? 3. What happens if my old h1 petition gets revoked by USCIS by May 1st week? 4. My I140 is in RFE as well, can my new employer port it? 5. Do I need to wait till the approval to tell my current employer about my resignation? 6. If USCIS revokes my old petition, does that impact my next h1 transfer petition or any visa stamping in future?
  7. gaurav28

    H1b Validity

    I read in some other posts about clause of 6 yrs. Have i passed it ? Can i still renew . Please help me here.
  8. Lokesh123

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    How did she go for L1B stamping when she had H4 EAD?. Was she in US with H4 EAD and the went to India for work and then applied for L1B stamping..?! Sorry not getting clear info based on above info..
  9. I agree with Noah Lott and Pontevecchio. The wife not living with the husband for 2 years looks like a fake marriage, and the first H4 with not going to the husband's home indicates that as well.
  10. Indraneel Aich

    In correct extension approval start year between H1B and H4

    Hi @gopalakrishnach please help me in this regard - although 30 days passed we are not able to raise another Service request as site saying - I already have a service request raised. What to to do in this regards?
  11. Hi, My H1B Extension has been applied in Normal processing. Packet was sent on 15th Apr, 19 via Fedex. I see that packet reached USCIS on 17th Apr,19. My last day with current H1B is tomorrow, 24th Apr,19. (I know we shouldn`t have waited this last week for this, but, we were waiting on letter from client which was getting delayed). My employer`s attorney or employer haven`t received notice of receipt yet. My employer mentioned that Fees check hasn`t been encashed by USCIS either. They are asking me to not worry since USCIS have received the packet and asked me to continue to remain at work. But, i am getting a bit anxious and want to cross verify this information that i have received from them. Kindly let me know: 1) By when do we received H1B notice in Normal processing? By when does usually USCIS encash the fee check. 2) Am I allowed to work after 24th Apr since we don`t have receipt notice yet? 3) What if USCIS takes up my case for processing after 24th apr? in that case is my in US considered legal for days after 24th Apr? 4) What are my options now?
  12. @pontevecchio - First of all thank you for the response. 1. However, could you please tell me does i-94 being valid until (next year 2020) has any cushion if my H1b Transfer gets denied? If interpret it correctly if I do not have a new job and I terminated or I resign then I get 60 days grace period to find a new employer (given i have a valid i94) 2. And what if there is another employer "C" who has applied for H1B transfer in the mean time and this petition is still in progress? 3. Also, is it better to go for premium processing for H1B transfer? My current employer "A" may ask to go back to my home country immediately and the H1b filing and approval even in premium may take longer.
  13. pontevecchio

    H1/H4 Transfer and Travel; Form i-539

    1. If you want to travel you will need to get the visa stamp. Assuming the new company is a known company, there should be no issue. 2. Nothing called transfer of H4. Her H4 is being extended as your H1 was being extended. No concept of withdrawing her H4 EOS. 3. You should both get the appropriate visa stamp as I presume you guys may want to travel in future, take vacations etc.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Roger-Check-123

    Vancouver Visa Stamping

    Anyone in Vancouver for Visa Stamping on 4/24 ?
  16. pontevecchio

    Need advice on job change after i-140 approved

    It may be a good idea to occasionally look through the website. The new rules are such that if your I-140 was pending more than 6 months, you are entitled to further H1 extensions with ANY employer till the PD of that I-140 is reached and this holds even were the I-140 to be subsequently revoked.
  17. pontevecchio

    Medical condition and interview

    No Impact. Grounds of inadmissibility are the same as described in this site http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/immigrationlaw/chapter8.html
  18. pontevecchio

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    As said no amount of guessing can help the OP. The decision was a foregone conclusion based on the previous interaction. It also suggests some facts are being withheld in the post.
  19. SPV

    H1/H4 Transfer and Travel; Form i-539

    Note: Please note that this is not a legal advise but just opinion. a). Yes, you may travel and your approved H1b & pay stubs, letter from employer (offer letter) should be sufficient for stamping. b). Your wife also can be traveled though her H4 petition is pending. She better attend an interview with you and get stamped for H4 (as you have your new H1B and she may/will get VISA till your H1B expire date). She can travel back with that stamping, whatever pending I-539 application will be abended. Or Before travel she can withdraw her pending I-539 and travel to India and get stamped. c). Yes, it is advisable to attend for stamping.
  20. Ravi Palla

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Hi Members, I have a similar situation. I got arrested on February 2 2019 for DUI . My case is still pending in court. Currently I'm on my F1 visa, Post-completion OPT which will expire in July. Recently I applied for my stem-OPT extension but today I got an email from consulate stating that my F-1 Visa is revoked and is no longer valid. Does my visa revocation have an affect on my OPT extension getting approved?
  21. Rahul1727

    Where do you intent to work in DS160 last page ?

    DS160 Temporary work visa inforamtion this would be the last page after security and background page
  22. shekar11#

    H1B to H4-EAD approved with few days gap

    No issues. Don't worry. You can always explain that you did not get a notice untill 3/11/19. 5 days is not a big issue.
  23. The one by CBP. Because that was the latest.
  24. 1. Yes. 2. No. You would have leave ASAP after denial. 3. see 2.
  25. Noah Lott

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    Sounds like the CO does not believe that this marriage is bona fide...that it was arranged solely to get your wife to the US to work in some capacity...the L1b was likely denied because she lacks the specialized knowledge requirement...(or did not have the requisite time with the foreign entity)... too many oddities...too many unanswered questions.... anyway, no one on this site can provide a legal answer...
  26. Hello All, I have an I-140 approved from my current employer from last 1 yr. Currently, I have got an new opportunity with better profile, benefits but same background skills. I am looking to go ahead with that offer. I am aware about that my current employer needs to restart the whole process again which includes PERM and I-140 refilling. I am looking to know that whether i can use my current i-140 which is approved by my current employer to get further extensions until new organization files the new PERM and I-140, also will there be any issue at time of stamping, how long will my i-140 stay active, will it impact EAD ? Please help me with your inputs on the same.
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