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  1. Today
  2. I have filed my H1B ext in premium mode and got an RFE. My current visa and I94 expires in Dec 2019 but I have I 140 approved. My question is in case if I don't get my H1B ext approved, can I stay in US until my current Visa expires (I.E Dec 2019). Also what will be the cooling period in my case and when can I re-apply my H1B ext again?
  3. krish55

    Using Public Services on H1 for US Citizen child

    Sorry for your situation. Your son's use State sponsored early intervention will not affect your GC. 1. You are not public charge, your son is 2. Your son is US born citizen. So the public charge does not apply anyway.
  4. JoeF

    Marriage and U.S. Immigration

    Chances are pretty much zero.
  5. JoeF

    221g bankstatements

    That would be fraud, and would get both him and the OP in lots of trouble. Why do people even think they can do this kind of stuff???
  6. JoeF

    H1B transfer

    No, you can not transfer that old H1. It is gone because it was withdrawn before it started and you never works d for the original H1 employer. The new company can file an H1 in next year's quota for a start date of Oct. 1, 2020.
  7. JoeF

    H1B Extension denied, I-94 expired

    No he can not. There is no grace period for him. Read the rules.
  8. Before I seek consultation, I want to check on filing I-485 Supplement J. I have an approved EAD and been renewing it since 2012. Now, I have accepted a new job (new employer) based on this EAD and started working for few days now. I should be able to file I-485 Supplement J after started working, right?
  9. Kambati

    H1B transfer

    Hello All, I have a approved H1B petition in June 2016, valid till Oct'19, since I lost my job in July 2016 I have to withdraw my H1B and went back to student status in Sep'16. In Nov 2016 I joined a Non Profit company and I hold a Cap Exempt H1B visa (stamping done) with them now valid till Feb'21. My question is 1) I have a job offer from a company which is not a Non-Profit, can I transfer my approved H1B in 2016? 2) What is the possibility of approval? 3) Is there anyone who went through this experience before? Thank you in advance.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ahir

    H1B Extension denied, I-94 expired

    Even though his I-94 is expired. He can still file an Extension with "Change of Employment" within 60 days. He has to have really good lawyer for this, to prepare strong case.
  12. divi

    221g bankstatements

    Can your employer show a letter of absence?
  13. divi

    221g bankstatements

    Sometimes it's not in your hands. The employers do whatever they feel like. They are idiots..that's y.
  14. 02112018

    ds160 h1b visa interview

    You can fill number of DS-160's. It only matters what ever you show at the entrance of embassy while security is scanning for your interivew.
  15. Please share your expereince for H1B stamping if done in any European country or other than Mexico or Canada. Current visa expires in 3 weeks and deciding to take a vacation if possible and get H1B stamping done 3rd time. No plans to visit India this year.
  16. Please share visa dates available for Matamoros - if possible for Sept as well as Oct dates that are open
  17. Hi, My H1B extension denied on March 2019 after RFE, still I have 1.8 years left over for max out. I don't have PERM filed yet. 1. Please let me know the feasibility on Reinitiate my H1B in non Cap same company? My Employer policy to have 2 years left over on max out to reinitiate H1B in non cap?. 2. Can we change to different company and make use of left over H1B period? 3. When can I initiate PERM if 2 point is eligible? Appreciate help on this to make some decisions. Thanks
  18. Sri1610

    Ds 160 form filing issue

    I am having trouble adding more than 2 previous employers in my ds160. I have 3 previous employers but the add another employer option is getting greyed out after 2 employers. Kindly help me out
  19. Hi, I qualify for H1B dropbox in Chennai. Can you please advise what are the list of documents to be submitted for dropbox? Here are the list mentioned in other websites: Passport (Old & New) 797A (Current & Previous) Photographs (2) DS 160 Confirmation letter Dropbox Appt Confirmation Please advise if any more documents must be submitted like Pay stubs, tax forms..etc? Thanks
  20. 221gh8er

    DUI H1b Stamped - Chennai

    Congrats! Thanks for posting your experience.
  21. JoeF

    H1b Revoked

    On H1 you ALWAYS have to get paid at least the salary listed on the LCA. If you didn't get paid you were out of status, and any new H1 would be approved for consular notification only. File a complaint with DOL on form WH4 to report the fraud employer and help get the money that is owed you. Also, having a WH4 filed allows you to transfer the H1.
  22. Alakal

    Marriage and U.S. Immigration

    My fiance applied for F1 visa thrice and got rejected every time. What are my chances of successfully bringing her in F2 visa if I register the marriage? While applying on F1 I've not mentioned my presence here in the United States.
  23. gopalakrishnach

    H1 extension denied and transfer initiated on the same date

    Please consult an immigration lawyer since it is life and carrier question of an individual.
  24. You can have only 1 payroll working as full time on H1B. You cannot have multiple payrolls.
  25. Hi, My wife's H1B approved under premium and my daughter's i539 is still pending for approval. They are coming to India. Since my wife works same client, location, company and the expired visa is not 1 year old, we believe to be a drop box for visa stamping. Do my daughter can use drop box along with her mother or should we need to wait for i539 to get approved? /Satish
  26. I feel after visa stamping interview you can come back to USA( may be in next 20 days ) and apply ASAP. If your visa stamping results in 221G you can apply H1B extension outside of USA.
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