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  4. ravikumar123

    Changes in N400 after online filing

    Thanks a lot for the response.
  5. pontevecchio

    H1B Visa Interview/Stamping Waiver

    Your F1 visa has no meaning once you are no longer a student. You need a H1 visa stamp to return and work in H1 status.
  6. Dear Friends, I have I-140 approved under the EB1-B category (Priority date Sept 2019). However, I can not apply for applying I-485 due to retrogression for India. NOW, I have a job offer from another University and I am planning to start my new position in January 2020. As my I-140 is under the EB-1B category and it is employer-specific; I cannot transfer OR keep my I-140 approval BUT I guess, I can keep my priority date? Right? If YES: Do I need to apply for new EB1-B or EB1-A before joining to a new Employer? OR Can I apply anytime after joining the new position and still keeping the priority date? Also, Can I transfer my H1-B visa and applying new EB-1B category at the same time? Please advise. It is a very important juncture of my career and I look forward on your advise and suggestions. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hi Nippu143,

    Hope you are doing well now. Did you ever find an answer to your position? I am in exactly similar situation now and trying to learn my options. Please let me know, if you were able to seek a result and how?

  8. Hello Dharavi, 

    I am now exactly in your situation! I would like to know if you had found a solution or an answer to your situation. Please let me know thanks

  9. 1. Not recommended until you get a new job. 2. You will be stuck. 3. Not needed. You can get the status changed from B-2 to H-4 within US.
  10. shekar11#

    Problem with Retrieving DS160

    Can't do anything. Just fill a new DS-160 and get the DS-160 number updated during your finger printing appointment.
  11. 1. New DS-160. You can update this new DS-160 number during finger printing appointment. 2. B 3. You can go as long as you have all the docs.
  12. shekar11#

    Merger Documents

    Your current employer and his attorney can help you with those documents.
  13. shekar11#

    H1 to H4 timelines

    Your husband can wait until end of November before filing for COS to H-4. He does not have to leave the country while the COS is pending. Same with your kids. You can file a I-539 for them also with you being primary.
  14. shekar11#

    H1 extension with approved I-140

    Yes, you can do that.
  15. You can continue to work while his H-1 transfer is in process. No need of a break. He will be in status till Dec 30th 2019 (60 days grace period). He needs to find a job in 60 days.
  16. Noah Lott

    Business Visa to USA

  17. petitionrevoke

    NOIR timeline

    Mine is already passed 70 days. Actually USCIS recieved the petition back from Department of State on August 6,2019. So My question is howmuch time USCIS will take to review again and send the decision of revocation or reaffirmation? Any specific timeline? Thank you.
  18. devenchhillar

    H1B RFE about OPT and CPT status

    @JoeF I have seen many post of yours, and you say only 12 months of practical training is legal. So can you explain how did i get Opt and Stem OPT. I did my 1st masters then didn't take opt instead started 2nd masters from day 1 Cpt school - Did for 12 months - then I got my OPT Now my stem opt card is produced. So can you explain?
  19. Swathi prasad

    SEVIS Terminated

    Thanks for your response, If CPT is illegal and uscis is aware of such institutions, why are they letting such schools run there business. There are millions of students H1B got approved who were on day CPT, if it is illegal how is it possible. just sharing my thoughts.
  20. innovation123

    STEM OPT 12 month Self-Evaluation

    Do you have any update on the situation? Did you get the stamping?
  21. Sam. Ch

    EAD i765v - traveling outside USA

    Hi I'm also from India.... Currently I'm on H4 visa. My husband was recently arrested on domestic violence Nd pressed with criminal charges.. Can u pls guide me with I 765v form and what plans can be made further.
  22. kratika

    Study on H4 visa

    Hi, I have been admitted to one of the universities for MS in the US. My course starts in Jan. I am currently on H4 visa in the US, however, my visa expires in March, 2020, which means If I enroll for my course on H4, I only have 2 months before my visa ages out. Please let me know if I can be enrolled in a course while my H4 visa is on the extension. or else, what are my best options?
  23. Hello, I have a few concerns regarding the 12 months opt and 24-month stem extension application. I wonder if anyone can guide on whether or not I should discuss this with an immigration attorney. I graduated with my master's in Engineering field in Dec 2013. I initially worked with an engineering firm on 12 month OPT and 1 month of Stem Extension. Due to emergency reasons, I left the US during Stem Extension period. When I left, I did not report my departure immediately to the DSO, however, I reported after 1.5 months to my DSO about the last date of employment and departure date from the US. My DSO informed me that my SEVIS was complete. (Not terminated) I came to the US again after 1.5 years to do Ph.D. with a new SEVIS in Fall 2016. Now, I am about to complete my Ph.D. and will be applying to OPT in Spring 2020. On DHS website I see reporting requirements that say departure from the US must be reported by student or employer within 5 business days. I have reported the end of my master's program and departure to my DSO but not within 5 days. Will the past failure to report the departure within 5 days hamper my new OPT application after completion of Ph.D. Should I discuss this with an immigration lawyer in advance? Please suggest.
  24. 2. No you cannot enter US since your valid visa expired in Sep 2019. This is only possible if your have an unexpired visa. Also answer for 2. b) You cannot use AVR (Automatic visa re-validation), if you go for visa stamping. AVR can only be used when you travel to Canada or Mexico for less than 30 days with valid I-94 and your travel should not include visa stamping.
  25. You are still not eligible for drop box since your visa stamp on your passport expired in 2017. You did extension in US, that does not qualify you for drop box.
  26. can someone confirm whether they were able to book appointments for chennai location in december 2019 ? which other location is available for first week ? Thanks
  27. Anyone got I-94 extensions from CBP officer in Washington, DC Metro Area airports (IAD/BWI) for those who got I-94 for less period than visa due to passport expiration date?
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