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  2. sirjadeja

    Need Visa Dates Info for Matamoros

    No dates are available in July. Dates are available from August 2nd week.
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  4. Sam UKS

    Need advice on H4 visa stamping

    Thanks for the reply. I think this is the trend now for COS, due to biometric requirements. I got my I-797c approval letter and my wife got biometric appointment for her CoS.
  5. Hello All, Could someone please post the availability of visa dates for H1B visa stamping in Matamoros for the month of July. I would greatly appreciate your help.
  6. Hello, My spouse's H4 EAD was lost & we don't have EAD photocopy & associated #. Due to unexpected travel we could not follow up to get that & my H1b was expired soon after that. Now, I am upgrading my H1b extension to premium process and planning to submit i-765 along with the extension. In the form i-765, Should I go with option 1.b) Replacement of lost or stolen? If approved, will I get the EAD with my new H1b extension approval date? Please clarify as early as possible. I need to submit the documentation by this week. Thanks in advance.
  7. Background: I originally came to the US for company A and I switched to Company B in 2017 for which I got the approval until 15th Dec 2019 and the approval notice is with me. At that point in time, my wife was in India had valid H4 stamping (with employer A) until 2019. So we did not transfer the H4. She travelled to the US in Jan 2018. I also had valid stamping from employer A until this month starting. Now, in 2019 - I am here in the USA and my wife went to India last month. She was eligible for Dropbox and she dropped off the passport in Chennai. A week after, she received a 221g slip asking her to appear in person with a note "Principle applicants active status in the US". Today she attended the interview during which, the VO asked her common questions and asked her for my latest visa stamping copy. After she gave it to her, she took some time to review and told her that "Your husband's current petition is denied" and gave her one more 221 g slip which had the option "Your application has been refused under 221g...." They also did not collect her passport. I am wondering why the VO said that my current petition is denied while I have an active approval notice with employer B until 2019 end. I have few questions: 1. Is it possible that they denied the current petition after approval? I still see that the case status in USCIS website is showing as approved. 2. Employer A revoked my petition once I transferred to employer B. Is it possible that the VO overlooked this and was looking at the old petition (company A) instead of the new petition (Company B)? My wife tried giving it at the end of the interview, but the VO refused to take a look into it. Please help me to see what steps do I have next to sort this out. Thank you in advance!
  8. shekar11#

    Matamoras visa appointment H1B

    You can pay fees and check. Usually dates are available within 2 weeks timeframe.
  9. Great info buddy. Really helpful.
  10. shekar11#

    H1B Stamping Possibility in Mexico

    You can go to Mexico. H-1 and H-4 are the same class of visas.
  11. Hi all, I recently applied for my OPT.The date of issue on my I-20 is on the 20th of March 2019 and the date USCIS received my application is on the 19th of April -2019. So, is my application within the 30 day time frame prescribed by USCIS? I have searched the internet over for such cases but I have not seen anyone getting rejected. So I wanted to clarify whether 30th March is the 30th day? Thanking you
  12. Bhajagovindam

    H1-B Cap Exempt Validity

    Dear all, Can you please help with this question below. I've lived in USA for 8 years on H1-B with 1-140 approved 3 years ago. Last year, I've received Canadian PR and moved to Canada in October 2018. If I want to move back to USA after 3 years say 2022, will I still be eligible for Cap Exempt H1-B on previously approved I-140. Is there a time limit on Cap exempt validity? Thank you
  13. manojokha

    Incorrect Priority Date on I-140 Receipt Notice

    Hi sm2016, Same thing also happened with me too. My PD is Nov 2007 but on recapturing it was mentioned Nov 2018. Still I am waiting for its correction.
  14. Noah Lott

    H4 to F1 rejected

    If the CO does not believe that you would be returning following the completion of your 'studies', then they don't believe it....you can make up anything you want to tell another CO, but it is doubtful it will be believed...because if there was nothing to believe the last time, what are you going to say this time that will be believable? Here are some favorite stories: 1- my parents are elderly and I have to return to care for them..(baloney, as they are currently either OK or being cared for by someone else) 2- I have this job offer ..more baloney, as job offers are not legally enforceable and since there is no penalty to you if you fail to return to take said 'job', what is the real motivation to do so? 3- I am going to return to start a business. this one probably causes more COs to laugh so hard that they crack a rib. The actual odds of this miracle taking place is around 750,00 to 1. Why? Where is the $$ coming from to start this 'business?" Where is the business plan? How are you going to support yourself until this 'business' gets going? but the main question to answer is: "if your spouse is in H1b status, WHY would you abandon said spouse to return as claimed from any of the above?"
  15. Noah Lott

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    probably nothing to worry about....just clarification of the details that your cousin messed up.. Her travel history is her best asset.
  16. h1bvisaupdate

    H1B withdrawal

    Your employer can withdraw your petition anytime. My project was supposed to go on until 2021 but it ended way before time because of client budget issues. As a result I was laid off and they also sent the withdrawal notice on the last day of my work with client. But if you find another client with your employer, they may just need to file for ammendment. Once that is approved, you can come back with new approval notice. Go for premium. also, Check directly with your employer on their plans, ideally they need to send notice to the uscis.
  17. h1bvisaupdate

    H1B Validity After 5 years over

    I think you can come back if you still have one year of unused h1b. You can file under cap exemption and utilize the remaining period. However, you will only get approval for the remaining number of months on your current h1b.
  18. h1bvisaupdate

    h1b laid off and 60 days grace period

    Hello, I was laid off from job on 30th April and had 60 days to find another job and transfer h1b. I found another job and the employer is ready to file before 60 days end. My question is that do I also need to join the company I.e. start the work before 60 days (which ends on 28th June)? Or If it just requires for the h1b to be filed (and receive receipt )before 28th June? Will it be ok for me to start the work from 1st July? Technically I will have my receipt notice before 28th June but not sure if it also requires to join before 60 days. please help me understand.
  19. jerryjones9492

    H1B 2019 RFE processing time

    Hi, it's been about 2 months now still responding to RFE and still no response from USCIS. Have you received a decision from USCIS yet?
  20. jerryjones9492

    RFE response review time

    Hi, I'm in the same position. Received RFE in January 2019, and replied on 18 April 2019. Filed in California Centre as well. I still have not received a decision.
  21. Once he files for AOS, he will wait for the GC. AOS is not any status but a period of stay authorized by the Attorney General. The EAD has no connection to his studies and in fact, will let him work too. Under these circumstances discuss specifics with a lawyer as any missteps will have consequences.
  22. pontevecchio

    H1B withdrawal

    Every employer HAS TO revoke the H1 of people who leave his employment and that is by law. Frankly, you are not involved in the matter. Nothing called holding H1. Outside of the USA, you have no H1 or any US status. Subject to a total of 6 years, any future employer can file an H1 petition for you.
  23. pontevecchio

    H4 to F1 rejected

    Lack of Immigrant Intent is a frame of mind and only the VO can make a determination based on his value judgements and inherent bias. The major determinant of getting the F1 visa is the pedigree and credibility of the college. The fact is OPT should not even be in the picture when you apply for College and should be a later afterthought.
  24. pontevecchio

    Mother's B2 visa mail-in renewal Admin processing

    Under the circumstances, she should be able to get the visa.
  25. avon1

    H4 Visa and I-94 expired 362 days ago

    what was outcome of visa application
  26. avon1

    H1b Extension, but I797B received

    Hi, What was the outcome - I am in similar situation
  27. avon1

    i94 expired 1 year + i797B

    I am also in the same situation but I exited US but by then I have accumulated 11 months since I94 expired . I thought 240 days rule will apply but it did not . Need Urgent help before I go to stamp
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