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  2. Thanks a lot for the response!!
  3. Thanks for reply. My wife is on F1 and her status is valid for more than another year. Can she sponsor the visa? ...and how much cash does she need to have in her bank per person? Also, if me or my wife are sponsoring the visa, do my parents still need to show property and assets in India during the interview?
  4. Do you know the reason for USCIS revoking your initial H1b petition? That would give more details on your denial. Do you know the details of the RFE that your vendor petition got and what explanation did USCIS provide in the denial notice?
  5. No. An H1 can only be filed up to 6 months before the start date. If you want a start date later than Oct. 1, the employer would have to file later and risk the quota to be filled.
  6. The only possibility would be to file for a COS to B2.
  7. Hello all,I am in the same boat. My last date with my ex-employer was 19th December 2017. So my 60-day grace period ends on 17th Feb 2018. Today is 20th January. I am expecting an offer letter from my new employer in the next week or my maximum in the week after that. So I am worried that my H1B Transfer application won't reach the USCIS office by the end of my 60 day grace period. What if it reaches by the 65th day. Can someone please help me address this question ? Its a very tight situation for me and any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I am in the last year of H1B and my H1 B is valid only until July 31 2018. My PERM was filled end of October 2017. The processing time on says they are processing August PERM applications. Now with the government shut down, perm application processing is also suspended. My company is willing to file i140 and H1 extension in premium processing. What are the chances for me to get my PERM approved by March so that I would be safe. Is there anyone who applied in August / September got their PERM approved? And If I don't get it by March / April what are the other options I have? Thanks
  9. My employer filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11 reorganization this week. My I-140 petition was approved for this employer in 2015. I am in 8th year of H1. 1) Will Chapter 11 automatically make USCIS revoke this approved I-140? 2) Can this I-140 be used in the next 2-3 months to do H-1B transfer to another employer, if layoffs are announced? 3) At the time of writing, there are no changes to job title, responsibilities, company name, location, tax id, etc. Would like to know the impact on the current H1 (valid until the end of 2019) due to bankruptcy. Is an amendment needed for this H1? 4) Will there be any impact on future H1 petitions or at I-485 step in GC with the same company, if they make it out of Chapter 11? I highly appreciate the inputs from the members who have been through this situation. Thank you in advance for your time and help!
  10. NO. They are mutually exclusive.
  11. I-539, Application to extend status.
  12. Hello All, My current h1b visa is expired Nov 2017 , I am looking to travel to laredo,MX to get my visa stamped , Do we need a Mexican tourist visa for 4 days? We will be traveling by road and not by air. I have approved I-797 and other documents with me. If anyone has any Information about this , please let me know. Appreciate your help!
  13. Hi, My F1 OPT expired on Jan 13th 2018 and the my H1B application got denied on Jan 18th. Currently in my 60 days grace period. My wife is in F2 visa,She is pregnant and the doctors advise us not to travel to india at this point. Is there any way we can stay after the 60 day grace period on medical grounds or is there any other option available. Its an emergency, Please advice.
  14. Some background: I came on H-4 in May 2015. I applied into an university and applied for I-539 change of status (H-4 to F-1). Graduated in Oct 2016. My OPT period was valid till Oct 10, 2017 and I filed my OPT extension application on Sep 25, 2017. I changed my employers on Nov 1,2017 and sent an updated I-765 to USCIS. At the same time, my new employer filed an cap exempt H-1b petition in premium processing on Nov 28, 2017 and got the receipt notice. I got an email on Dec 4, 2017 stating my OPT extension has been denied. On Jan 19, 2018, my H-1b application got denied. 1. What options do I have ? 2. My spouse is on H-1b visa. Can I apply for change of status I-539 (change of status) or do I have to leave the country and renter on H-4. 3. Since my OPT extension got denied, my Sevis is in completed status. Can I take an admission into a university, get a new I-20, Sevis and cross border into Mexico for Sevis reinstatement. Or do I have to go back, visit a consulate and get it stamped. Please advise.
  15. Thank you KMNR
  16. Hi Friends Currently my H1b extension got RFE, and my I-94 was expired. My family needs me in India. Can I travel in this case ? Your response is much appreciated.
  17. Hello, Thanks for all help. My question is I just realized today that my I94 Expired Oct 2017, as my old passport expiry date was till Oct 2017. My H1b validity is till July 2019 and I got my new passport as well I'm travelling to India tomorrow and will be back after 2 weeks. Is it the safe thing to do and upon coming back I would be issued a New I94 ? or should I delay my travel and consider going to Mexico or Canada and then with that new I94, plan my travel to India? Thanks
  18. Hi, Last month my new employer applied for H1B and H4 transfer but for some reason I dint accepted the offer and stayed with Old employer. I have Valid H1b and H4 for my spouse until Oct 2018 with my Old employer. Now my new employer has withdrawn my H1B transfer and USCIS website it says withdrawn But H4 transfer status is showing Denied. Does that mean my Wife is Out of status. is her Old H4 invalid now. if yes can you please suggest what needs to be done.
  19. May I know any impacts on LCa and H1 transfer during government shutdown
  20. She noticed it immediately and went to the cbp Office to get corrected. But since the new I-797 (01/2017 - 01/2020) is not effect yet as of her travel date I.e. nov 2016 so her I-94 was issued based of her visa expiry. she is authorized to work from outside US and get paid while she is taking care of the visa stamping in India?
  21. Finally i received receipt notice along with RFE.
  22. If one file's h1b on April 1st, can one intentionally opt for a change of status date later than Oct 1st?
  23. Update on my case - received email that admin processing is complete and you may bring your passport to get visa printed - 40 days from the date of interview. Took my passport to the consulate and got the visa printed the next day.
  24. Hi Satya, Thanks so much for the detailed reply, at the point when I get my h1 approved but not cos or if h1 is God forbid, denied, can I apply for H4 cos from US? That time my current I 94 and visa both would have expired. I am expecting a baby by the end of July and can't travel after May 1st.
  25. Hello, One of my close friend have his B2 Visa in coming week in India. I see that US govt. has shutdown. Will this make any impact over his interview and travel to US?
  26. Hi friends, can some one help me answer this. My employer is not willing to file extension saying my education is different. I have B.Tech mechanical & Masters in USA in IT. (2 year degree).. I have 10.5 years experience in IT in USA. Can any one help me to explain, am i eligible. my employer says my Btech degree is not IT related so he thinks questions comes. Any insight will help me plan. Thanks in advance.
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