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  3. Did you pay for the H1? You have to trust the employer's word.
  4. It is illegal to pay for an H1. Why did you wait this long? It is possible to file a complaint with DOL on form WH4 for up to 1 year after the H1 violation. Next time, stay away from any employer who wants money for an H1. Such employers are frauds.
  5. Yes i have a lawyer and i applied with the help of one. He told when i applied that it will take 7 to 8 month to go to dos and another 4 to 5 months tp hear from dos. And with the delay now we should expect 9 month and another 6 month sp total 15 month at least
  6. Sorry, I made typo..Canadian consulate cannot outright deny to take your interview
  7. If your stamp is valid till Sept 01 2018, I guess you can come back to USA and apply for new extension...
  8. I may be wrong but your case seems like change of status and I donot know whether Canada does that. I know that first time H1B can be done in Canada since in 2012 I did mine in Vancouver Canada. I did my MS in USA... No matter where you go risks are always there.,...
  9. Hi My petition was approved more than a year ago. My employer never responds to me and is not doing the stamping. I had transferred money to his India account. Is there any way to take legal action against the employer to get money back and stop such frauds?
  10. Per the terms of use agreed upon when registering to the MurthyForum, all users agree to "not post any advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations." As such, postings to include advertisements will be removed.
  11. Hi, My H1B got approved from F1 last year and recently I visited a NJ DMV office to renew my drivers license with my approved I-797. But at the counter, I have been informed that my status is still showing as F1 and they asked me to provide my I-20 (which expires on June 3rd). In spite of providing them the original I-797, they are saying that the status hasn't changed in their system. Can you please let me know how to resolve this. I had visited 3 DMV offices for the same. I also visited USCIS office and they said that my status is on H1 and no issues. Has anyone faced this issue before? Please let me know as there is not much time to renew my drivers license. Thanks
  12. Hi, Need your inputs on scenario, if I need to get a affidavit of my name indicating that Ramkrishnan R or Ramkrishnan Rajaram or Ramkrishnan R.J are the same person need to be signed by self using India Affidavit ? My school certificates are listed as Ramkrishnan R and Driving License as Ramkrishnan R.J and even my father name in my Indian Driving License indicated with name and initial not expanded. This is the way my record was maintained hence would like to know this being record from INDIA how I need to handle this to indicate to USCIS that all listed doccumnts belong to same person (but I never changed my name). All this document I am producing as secondary document for Date of Bith but they have may name with initial. I am in U.S, if i need this affidavit to be signed in INDIA what the step i need to follow and who need to sign it in such situation
  13. I am currently working on F1-OPT in Detroit, USA. My wife is planning to study in Canada and she got admit from University of Windsor. Can I move my residence to Canada and transit daily to Detroit to work as my office is just 15 min from Windsor?
  14. Currently, I have approved I140 and my H1 extension was filled on March 8th in non-Premium and decision is pending.My Wife has H1 which is valid till Aug 2019. Now im planing to apply for H4 CoS and H4 EAD for my wife along with converting my H1 extension to Premium. Now here are my queries 1. Will decision be taken on H4 Cos and H4 EAD application when its filed with H1 exntesion in premium? If so , will they do it along with my H1 extension within 15 days. 2. With current situation, how are the chances of H4 EAD approvals now if anyone has recently applied.3. In case if H4 CoS is approved and H4 EAD gets denied, Do we need to file for new H1 transfer for changing her status to H4 to H1. Please Note that i'm planing to have all these procedure done by my wife's Employer. Thanks.
  15. Better to go for stamping to be safe as you are already delayed.
  16. Hello, I attended my interview in chennai consulate on 23rd march. I got 221g blue slip. After 2 months of waiting, last week I got a mail to submit my passport in the nearby VFS. Now my passport is not having 6 months validity. It's expiring by October. Do i need to renew my passport before submitting? Also I am having a signature change. Can I renew my passport with the new signature or continue with the old one? If i am okay to change, can anyone let me know the procedures for the same. Thanks in advance.
  17. Fill the details as usual. It will be married. Lot of folks do that before marraige.
  18. H-4 is always our responsibility. Employer is only liable for H-1 filing.
  19. Any one got a update on MTR
  20. Hello, I applied for COS from F2 TO F1 in october 2017. It almost took 6 months and now in may 2018 i got an RFE. USCIS asked me to provide additional documentation for financial resources and also if the principal F1 is maintaining his F1 status. My husband recently moved to another university and is on CPT. Will that affect my COS? Also, I have a family emergency and have to travel to India in July. Should I respond to the RFE now or go to the home country for a consular interview? And if my F1 gets rejected, can i come back on my F2 visa which is valid until 2021?. Please clarify. Thanks a lot
  21. 1. That is just a suggestion to file before 45 days. As long as your application reaches before I-94 expiry date you should be perfectly fine. 2. Yes. Just file a I-539 with supporting docs.
  22. Contact an immigration attorney ASAP.
  23. You need to get the card in hand as you need to fill out I-9 form with employer and they will need a copy of the card for verification.
  24. It is not possible. You will have a future date in I-539, but USCIS processes the COS when they handle the application. Best thing is wait for H-4 decision and then decide what is the best option as you have time until December.
  25. HI , I dont have answer to your queries, but i would like to know few details about the applications you have submitted. Currently I have approved I-140 and applied for my H1 extension on March 1st week in Non-Premium. Now i'm planing to apply for H4 Cos and H4 EAD along with my H1 extension changing to Premium . Do you know if this can be done. Currently my wife is on H1 and this would be CoS to H4 and i was wondering how are the approval chances for H4 EAD if we apply now. Thanks.
  26. Yes. You can travel and don't need a new visa stamp for coming back.
  27. 1. Latest petition. 2. Your name. 3. Yes. 4. Latest I-797 5. Visa stamp will always have an issued date, there is not start date on it. 6. Yes. 7. Latest.
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