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  1. Yes. It does. They seem to ignore it if say your spouse is studying in the ivy league.
  2. There is no extra vetting unless on a case by case basis. You need to follow instructions and only send those documents requested by them.
  3. You are entitled to 6 years minus the time you were in H1 status.
  4. Maybe look for another H1 sponsor.
  5. You are looking at 2019. Why not stay back for an year and return in L1A status if the company will send you.?
  6. Either a PIMS issue which should resolve any day now or a Technology Alert List matter which may take longer.
  7. Ideally he files a H1 and you wait for approval. Is it a regular company? If so ask them what they intend for you.
  8. You are allowed to enter up to 30 days before classes start, in F1 status. Go directly for the F1 visa. Worst case scenario you can still study in H4 status.
  9. Once you have a timely filed non frivolous H1 petition on file, you have 240 days for approval.
  10. Do it after the employer change.
  11. As usual, JoeF is faster. A public university or a well known institution should be fine.
  12. Visa lets them enter. I94 lets them stay. Yes, They can stay.
  13. You will be out of status from the time the petition is denied if at all. Otherwise you can join on receipt and in view of the long delays, that would be the only choice.
  14. This should not be an issue.
  15. Wait for I-130 approval.
  16. 1. If you stay out for 1.5 years the employer will need to revoke the H1 petition and then file another H1 non cap petition for you before you return. 2. No, 3 You can work remotely from your country if the employer agrees .
  17. You will need to be more specific. Were you ever working in H1 status?
  18. I am curious. Why not Seoul?
  19. How is it that the passport does not have the correct date of birth?
  20. This becomes a civil matter and you should discuss the issues with a Labor Lawyer in your state.
  21. Why not Canada?
  22. Why are you not using AP?
  23. The article has been written in a very confusing way and makes no conclusions about anything. OF COUSE, you can travel based on an approved AP. You cannot apply and leave without AP approval.
  24. Since the GOI will not change the place of Birth in the PASSPORT, you can send it the way it is. When is your PD current?
  25. EB2 NIW is by DEFINITION not sponsored. There is no issue at all if you take up and I am assuming, a Physicians job in your area of specialization. You do not even need a Job Offer.