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  1. @sarajase I would run your scenario by a Lawyer maybe the firm of Murthy as you would seem to be OK if you got a NIW. That does not ask you to guarantee anything except not being a burden to the State. Please let us know what transpires. Religion is possibly not what your NIW was about?
  2. Would you please clarify that it was the employers Lawyer you are referring to?
  3. An extremely complicated situation facilitated by political idiots. You should join B if they are better for you and let the future go where it will. A Lawyer may help guide you in these uncertain times. Best of luck.
  4. No invitation necessary. They will not look. If you want send a letter stating that you would like your In-Laws to visit you for a couple of months and that you will pay for the trip, that is Ok. It is not necessary. An invitation letter by anybody makes no sense. Of course they can visit you and of course millions of Indians can afford to visit other countries.
  5. Yes Yes
  6. First find out the N-470 Angle with the lawyer. Next why cannot you rent your house while you are away? . Check out Foreign Earned Income exclusion along with allowable housing expenses. You will have to involve a CPA working with US expatriates in addition to the Lawyer. You need to do much more research in to the tax angle. The Foreign company may even have departments dealing with such matters. If this is a firm Offer you should discuss your specific options with the appropriate company department.
  7. Your DSO is the best person to guide you and assuming you study in a known college you should be all right.
  8. Your steps should be to 1. Make an INFOPASS Appointment and make a polite enquiry using your charm. 2. Get in touch with the Federal Senator in your state and direct any requests for help to the person dealing with Immigration matters. What state are you in? 3. Involve the OMBUDSMAN if necessary. 4. Involve the lawyer if you want and go by his take. Of course most likely you will get your GC soon and this nightmare will be over.
  9. It depends on whether you qualify to file N-470 when you take up this job.
  10. If you prefer to wait and wait then its your choice. The fact that a PD is current does not always mean your GC will arrive. They pick the low hanging fruit and ignore any petition with any level of complexity as per the USCIS OMBUDSMAN . A lawyer can interact with the Federal Senators Office. He can advise you to file writ of mandamus if necessary for inordinate and stupid delays. On the other hand should you feel the need to be patient then go ahead. I am trying to tell you to be proactive rather than sit and wait.
  11. There is no problem here.
  12. You cannot get a US Visa in the USA. Her H4 status is based on your valid H1 status and not based on your employer. She can use the existing H4 visa stamp and your latest H1 petition approval. Have her show ONLY your latest H1 petition approval and no other while coming back. Her I94 should be till your latest H1 petition expiry./
  13. The current environment has nothing to do with your situation. I would suggest discussing the basic facts of the matter with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice and then deciding. If you can you should go for it.
  14. I think you have 60 days based on new rules which you should look up.
  15. It is possible your letter specifies that you need to reschedule if you miss the appointment. Hence call the ASC if you have missed the appointment and ask them.
  16. Then go and return with a F1 visa up to 30 days before classes start.
  17. Once you get your AP/EAD H1 is history.
  18. The job offer is immaterial. Since they have visas there is no problem of any kind. Bring them. Have them come on their own. It is immaterial.
  19. Boilerplate replies are meaningless in any case. YOU HAVE to get a GOOD Lawyer involved. Do not wait for the USCIS to do what is right. They are not very competent and the prevailing political wind is possibly emboldening them in facilitating delays. Also in future vote for the right people at all times.
  20. The wait time is not predictable. Join C if it is the right move career wise. Yes you should be able to get a 3 year extension.
  21. I-539 is for COS to H4 status. PP for H4 does not exist on its own. PP for H1 is being withheld for some time. You will need to return with a H1 visa and your latest petition approval.
  22. In view of the huge delays in H1 approval and backlogs I suspect you will be fine.
  23. Yes. This has been the practice. Maybe search the firm website for previous articles?