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  1. Have her discuss her credentials with say the firm of Murthy instead of making assumptions which may or may not be true.
  2. Give the firm of Murthy a call and discuss it with them. Do not depend on this forum. It depends on specific facts based on which the firm will guide you as to what can be done. This is money well spent.
  3. This scenario is fine.
  4. It will certainly not be on the same day. They will let you know the day and time. You cannot request a time and date. You can postpone one appointment by asking for a postponement. I was naturalized in Philadelphia.
  5. You can get an expedited passport in any case. I strongly doubt your path will be on the same day. Which center/place is involved?
  6. Why would you need a NOC for a tourist visa? Just have all of them go together for the visa.
  7. There will be no issue.
  8. If you qualify , speak to your employer.
  9. Consider leaving and returning with a H4 visa to clean the slate as it were and then you are fine.
  10. 1. Read your contract. 2. They do not have an approved H1 to revoke 3. I would suspect so based on recent changes. Please involve a lawyer to guide you.
  11. She can use the existing visa with your H1 petition approval of the company you are working for at the moment. Since you do not have the approval she is stuck. Find out if PP is back and if so convert to PP.
  12. She can get an appointment from now on. Why the hurry for the visa unless she intends to travel anyway?
  13. You DO NOT NEED a new visa. The existing visa plus the latest H1 approval is what you need to come back.