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  1. You seem to be a tad confused by recent events and justifiably so. Trust me Trump is a blip in this countries illustrious history and this blip shall pass in 3 years. If your GC and AOS was kosher with no possibility of fraud, you have NOTHING to worry. Enjoy your trip. The fuhrer has mobilized Islamic opinion against this country. He is not going to be fool enough to inflame Hindu opinions since you are from India and that applies irrespective of the religion you practice.
  2. I would strongly suggest involving a good lawyer in the matter to guide you appropriately specially if you mean you are getting paid by the term "running payroll". You have time till June,9. I assume the employer is not able to answer the RFE satisfactorily? Get any H1 sponsor and return with the visa on approval. It seems odd that he can file your GC and yet not be able to answer an RFE about H1. Avoid any F1 CPT talk if you want smooth sailing in future though I guess some have got away.
  3. Do you mean AOS was filed?
  4. If B files your H1 petition before May, 20 then you can start working for them on receipt. Is B hypothetical or does it exist?
  5. Based on an approved I-140 you would be eligible for H1 extensions beyond the initial total of 6 with no extension more than 3 years at one time.
  6. You will enter on this visa and show your latest H1 approval till 2019 and the I94 will be till then. Show only the latest H1 approval and nothing else.
  7. The medium is the message. Presentation is king. Middle level Officers decide and keywords become important. Having been a beneficiary of the NIW myself, it is not tricky for certain fields. By all means involve a lawyer who will also evaluate EB1 for you and you should know that is a bigger mountain to climb as opposed to NIW. The caliber of your lawyer is paramount along with his track record. Best of luck.
  8. Why would you need to tell a notary why you want the document?. Get the document notarized in India which only means the Notary is saying the document in front of him is what he notarized even if it said you are the emperor of India. If you cannot manage this tell the lawyer here it is not possible.
  9. Your understanding is not material. If it is the companies understanding and you should ask then you are fine.
  10. Are you a citizen?
  11. @shrutiwsk Jairichi would seem to have left the building as they say as the last post was on January 30,2016. In your scenario further extensions of EAD will not be possible once the I-140 is revoked.
  12. Unless the Marriage is in trouble it is ludicrous to think your GC will have problems. It would seem you have had an I-130 filed along with AOS. Your F1 is now history. Is your wife an USC?
  13. It would seem the rules have changed. Hence you have to work for the H1 sponsor at least initially before any H1 transfer can be initiated.
  14. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2017/visa-bulletin-for-may-2017.html It is about a 12 year wait for his GC.
  15. In the prevailing climate you may find yourself sent back with a permanent ban on entry if you follow this persons guidance.