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  1. Do they have a facially valid B2 visa which has not been stamped cancelled or CWOP? You cannot apply for a visa extension more than an year in advance.
  2. Have her leave before July 25. You should possibly have left well alone and let her visit in B2 status for her exam purposes. Now she should first finish her CS and USMLE 3 before even considering a F2 visa. You should discuss specifics with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice before taking any steps.
  3. You can travel and she can return with a H4 visa. FIRST run this by the company Lawyer who was involved in the PP.
  4. You can come any which way. Make sure to ensure you are using AVR to return.
  5. It may be possible for the original sponsor to file a non cap H1 petition with a COS from H4 and she can start only on approval. Since new rules have been made she may not be able to transfer to another employer other than the original sponsor without at least working for the Original sponsor for a few days. I suggest discussing her specific situation with the firm of Murthy. Maybe a phone consult?
  6. Previous employers have to revoke your H1 by law. New regulations seem to give you 60 days to find another H1 sponsor.
  7. Any way which is acceptable to the Lawyer for the new firm.
  8. 1. YES. Absolutely. 2. Just get a H4 visa stamp from the consulate. 3. Apply for the H4 visa as per the procedure mentioned in the consulate website. H4 petitions do not exist. H4 extensions while you are in the USA are merely status extensions based on the valid H1 status of the spouse.
  9. Give it a week or less and wait and watch. They may call for your passport.
  10. The I94 dates are not relevant. The fact that you got an I94 with the H1 keeps you legal. It also suggests that your extension with the old company has been approved because that is the only way to get an I94 with the new petition as they applied after the previous I94 expiry. Basically the old company has to have revoked the H1 petition when you left and this is a LEGAL requirement though that has no CONNECTION to you. I suggest you move on. The gap is not relevant.
  11. Basically the VO told them it is too early to renew the visa and that it is not allowed to renew the visa so early before expiry. Of course they can travel here till the last day of visa expiry.
  12. It depends on the Office involved. You can try and make an INFOPASS Appointment and use your charm to get the stamp. Basically smile and make eye contact and appear absolutely grateful. Maybe your sister is getting married back home? etc.Best of luck.
  13. Discuss the matter with the firm of Murthy in Chennai.
  14. There is no issue. Most likely they will give her an I94 till the original I94 date when she comes over from Canada.
  15. If their B2 is valid till May, 2018. why would they apply for a new visa? There is a definite time frame before which you cannot extend the visa. Are you extrapolating facts?