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does anyone has the email address for London embassy where you can email them and ask them teh status of your application? Its been more than 90 days since my interview and i still do not see my number on the 221g PDF.

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hello All,

So there is an update on my case. I contacted my local Congressman and asked my attoney to contcat theLondon Embassy thru Netlegal(its an email system that attornies use to contact the state dept) I also hired another attorney with an office in London who tried contacting the US embassy in London but couldnt really find anything. I dont know which one of the these things helped but something got teh ball rolling as i recieved an email frin the US embassy in London saying that they want me to come in for another interview(Meanwhile my batch numkber is still not showing uyp on the PDF file). My interview is in the 1st week of may. Wish me luck. I will let you know the updates as soon as i have them. Hope this inofmation is helpful. if you need more info, just send me a message.

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First of all thank you so much for the amount of information exchange that takes place in this forum. It's extremely useful. My turn to give back to the community now.

Before writing my experience, if required, may I request the moderator to move this thread to "H1B AT LONDON EMBASSY 2013 EXPERIENCES CLEARLY MENTIONED" instead of 2012.

Date Of interview - 14th Jan 2013, 9:00 AM

Consulate - London

Type of Visa - H1B for me and H4B for my spouse and kid (2.5 year old) together. I had taken appointment for all of us together.

Type of Employment - Full Time Employment

Petition Processing - Mine was premium processing

Previous VISA history - Never traveled to the US. H1B denied once in India under section 221g (blue form), New Delhi long back.

We reached the consulate by 8:45 AM. After security clearance, we went for fingerprinting and document collection window.

The officer was extremely polite. He took mine and my wife's fingerprints and collected passport and I-797 and asked us to wait to be called for the actual interview.

In the next 15 minutes, our token number was announced and we went together to the actual interview window

Visa Officer - Good morning sir

Me - Very good morning

Visa Officer - Can I verify your fingerprints

Me - Sure. Mine and my wife's fingerprints were verified

Visa Officer to me - Which company you are going to work for sir?

Me - XYZ

Visa Officer to me - Where will you be working from sir?

Me - ABC city and XYZ state

Visa Officer to me - How long you have been in the UK sir?

Me - XYZ duration.

Visa Officer - Do you know your rights as a temporary worker in the United States sir?

Me - I had a glance at them online

Visa Officer - Handed over a pamphlet to me and set "I am approving your VISA sir, please handover the blue slip to courier desk and pay the fees"

We - Thank you so much, you have a nice day!

The officer didn't ask even a single question to my wife.

Status in CEAC website

14th Jan 2013

Administrative Processing.

Application ID or Case number : XXXXXXXXXX

Case Creation Date: 14-Jan-2013

Status Updated Date: 14-Jan-2013

Your visa is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days.

The status remained like that until 17th Jan 2013 sometime around 14:00 hours GMT and after that it was showing it as:



Application ID or Case number : XXXXXXXXXX

Case Creation Date: 14-Jan-2013

Status Updated Date: 17-Jan-2013

Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application.

And around 16:00 GMT on the same day, i.e. 17-Jan-2013 (Yesterday) I received a text from DX Secure, the courier company that they are dispatching my package from the embassy.

I opted for the standard service for courier. I received the courier around 17:00 GMT today, 18-Jan-2013.

All of our passports are stamped (mine with H1b and spouse and child with H4 visa).

One question - They have also sent the original I-797 that they had retained during the interview. Is that expected?

Thank you so much again for all your support.

Please let me know if I am missing any information that's relevant to any of you and need to mention, I will update the thread.

Hi 221_blue


I had my interview on June 21st, the officer said my visa has been approved & pay courier service, i did & after 9 days i got an email saying that i need to submit a list of docs (of my petirioner/employer).I will do that, but i dont understand why they did not ask me for docs on the same day.

Please advice...


Thanks in advance,



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