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H1B visa stamping <change in employer><visa fees paid with old employer>

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Hello there,


I need your inputs on tricky situation I am in. I got my H1B work visa starting from Oct 2015 and this is my first h1b. I planned to get it stamped in December 2015, so filled DS160 and scheduled the visa appointment. But because of some situations, I need to change my employer. So I changed the employer and get visa transferred to new employer. It is approved now and I have approved I797 with me. Now I am planning to get it stamped now.

So can you guys help me in putting light on following questions? Thank you.

1.       I already filled DS160 form(with old employer name and receipt number), I don’t think I can use same DS160 form as it calls for my old employer name and old receipt number. Is this true?

2.       I have filled visa fees for old DS160 form. As I cannot use old DS160, can I transfer the

visa fees from old DS160 to new DS160? Or I need to pay the visa fees again?

3.       Also do I need to take any special precautions with my old visa application and DS160 to cancel it? I have already canceled visa appointment but do I need to do anything with old DS160 as it there will be 2 DS160 under my name with different employers name?

4.      Any other thing I may be missing here?


Thank you very much.

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