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Worried - language on denial notice not clear

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Hello Friends,


I am really hoping you can help me. My mother in law visited us last year on a visitor visa. Just a few weeks before her departure, she had an accident and was injured. We applied for a visa extension as we were not sure if she was going to be in a condition to travel. We did not receive any feedback on the visa extension and we did not want to jeopardise future visits. Also, she was a bit better. So, she departed on the day that the i-94 expired. If the expiration date on her i-94 was Dec 1, she left the country on exactly dec 1.


Four months later, we have received the denial notice. I am very confused with the text on this denial notice. I am worried that her visitor visa may have been cancelled. I thought we were safe because she did not overstay but I am now worried because of the following text. could you please let me know what this means? Especially the term "abandonment of the applicant's nonimmigrant status"?


"To be eligible for an extension of stay, an applicant must remain in nonimmigrant status. Departure from the United States before the authorized stay expires constitutes an abandonment of the applicant's nonimmigrant status". "The applicant's authorized stay expired on xxx/xx/2014. Review of USCIS records shows that the applicant departed the US on the same day as the applicant's initial authorized stay. Hence, the applicant's departure from the United States within the authorized period of admission constitutes abandonment of the authorized non immigran status. As a result, approval of this application serves no purpose. Therefore USCIS denies the application"

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