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new H1B application with one H1B transfer in progress

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Hi ,

   I have following queries. I am employed with company A on h1B.

   I have an  offer from Company B, (which i accepted)who have started H1B process week back  and  suppose  it will approve by February 21. I also have got  another offer from company C  yesterday.


1) can i accept that offer from company C legally speaking?

2) If yes, suppose company C also files H1B, who will eventually own it?

3) What document would I provide company C for the application, as I-797 that I have is for company A( and not for company B). 

3) Can  I legally not tell company C  about my application with company B?

4) Can i ask company B that i cannot join before February 21 or even after that , when H1B for company C is in process?

5) Is there a way for company C to know my dealing with company B, if they only have documents for company A?


Thank You

A prompt reply would help me not jeopardize my current an future jobs.



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1. Yes.

2. A, B and C. Once you choose an employer and join then others have to revoke their H1B petition.

3. Company A's H1B petition details.

4. Yes. You might be liable for damages if you have signed anything to that effect.

5. No.

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2) all H-1B are separate applications so you will have 3 H-1B's if company B and C is approved.

3)I-797 for company A




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