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DS160 questions for H4 stamping

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My wife's H1B stamping got rejected (the employer also withdrawn her H1 petetion as soon as he learnt about visa refusal) at consulate and now she is planning to go for H4 stamping.

When the consulate rejected her H1B, they mentioned the following reasons:


212 (a)(6)©(i) - fraus and misrepresentation

212 (a)(9)(B)(i) - unlawfully present


The latest stamp that is on her passport is H4 stamp which expired May 2014. In this scenario How do we answer the following questions in DS160 form for H4 stamping:


Q: Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa? Yes or No. If yes, what should I explain?
Q: Have you ever sought to obtain or assist others to obtain a visa, entry into the United States, or any other United States immigration benefit by fraud or willful misrepresentation or other unlawful means? Yes or NO. If yes, what should i explain?
Q: Are you applying for the same type of visa? Yes or No.
--> As I didn't get stamping for H1B what details shall I provide here. The stamp that I had in my passport is H4 which expired in May 2014.
Q: Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked? Yes...What explanation do I need to provide here,
Q: Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry? Yes or No. If Yes, what should I explain?

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