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Questions on travelling abroad and re-entry on Advance parole

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My wife has an approved EAD/AP combo card (I-485 pending) and will be travelling to India from the US. Can you please clarify the following questions ?


1.) While leaving the US, do we need to submit the I-94 card to the airline officer? She is currently on F1 visa.
2.) What documents do we need to carry while exiting the US apart from passport, EAD/AP card, I-485 original receipt?

3.) While entering back into the US, do we need to fill out a I-94 form?
4.) During the immigration, which side do we need to enter? The citizens/permanent resident side or the Non-Immigrant side?
5.) Do we need to be prepared for any questions from the POE immigration officer?
6.) Is there a possibility that she could be taken for secondary inspection in another room? If so do we need to be prepared for any questions?


Please let me know if she needs to be prepared for anything else.

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