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221g Chennai Blue Slip

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My Brother Attended interview on Aug 27. He haven't Got any update Yet.

Did You get any update. Please provide me details.

Please give me your contact details i will contact you



Hi @ravipro,


I also got 221 g from Chennai on 07/23/2013 and I have been still waiting to hear from them. 


did you call the Chennai consulate directly by using their contact number?  I called them few times and they didn't provide any information to me. They simply told me to keep in touch with US Travel docs to know the status of my 221 g. Then they disconnected the phone while I was talking further.


Can you please share the phone number which you used to talk with Chennai Consulate and Is there any specific day/timings to call them? 

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Hello there!

Below is my Administrative Processing:
Jan 9, 2014: Finger Print Scan done at OFC, Chennai.
Jan 10, 2014: H-1B Visa Interview at US Consulate, Chennai.
Visa Officer issued blue slip with 221g & said "Your Visa has been kept on hold, it needs to undergo necessary Administrative Processing before a final decision can be made". 
Visa Officer kept my i797, Client Letter (originals) with him. A case number was written on blue slip. Visa Officer told me to check status online.
Jan 10, 2014: A case has been created for Administrative Processing.
Apr 24, 2014: Employment Verification with Manager.
Apr 28, 2014: First Status Update
May 5, 2014: Received an email from US Travel Docs asking to pick up my documents (i797, Client Letter).

May 6, 2014: Picked up my documents (i797, Client Letter) from US Consulate, Hyderabad. Issued another blue slip. "Please submit your Passport for the issuance of Visa" was clearly written on blue slip. I submitted my Passport for Stamping.
May 7, 2014: Second Status Update
May 8, 2014: "ISSUED" mentioned at US Travel Docs (CEAC) website.

May 9, 2014: Received another email from US Travel Docs asking to pick up my Passport.
May 12, 2014: "H-1B STAMPED". Took Passport from US Consulate, HYD.

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I went through this painful process of 221G (Feb 2012 till Feb 2013). Do you guys think I will or may have to face the same fate back again? in short is this expected again if I go for my second extension?  FYI - Common Muslim Name.

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Hi All,


Please help me with your experiences.


22-may-2014 -- Biometric (Finger prints in chennai)

23- May-2014 -- Visa interview


Initially they have taken my finger prints and DS forms checked something. Told me to go to other counter. There Visa officer asked me to show the  passport. Handed over the passport to the officer. He scanned passport looked in to the computer for some time. Only one and one question asked and no Documents were asked Where are you going to work( Client or Employer location.)

I answered employer location.( I am working in india for MNC. Applied H1B through H1b sponser desi consultant.)

Again he looked into computer for sometime.


He gave me a white color booklet here iam shocked that might be some thing like blue, green, pink forms but it is not that form it is a booklet that explains the stay in US after you reach there. In between this confusion he told me something i didnot undersatand and passport was with thim. I left that counter. When i enquired some people around me in the consulate  they told your visa is approved. But iam sure that my visa is not approved he told me something.


Same day my passport is returned to VFS office chennai. I Went and collected my passport (Here i have some hope that i got my visa stamped). But When i opened and checked no visa, 221g blue form with only one check “Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made”


My worry is he didnot ask any documents not even I797, I129, LCA. It was in my folder and didnot take it out.


Do i need to wait for email from us consulate.

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I attended my visa interview in mid of April at Chennai. I received a 221g blue slip with admin processing and no additional documents asked. The VO collected some documents during the interview. Now it is three months and the status update is not changed yet. Always getting the standard reply from the usraveldocs.

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Hi all, 

Mine is a re-stamping (h1b visa). After the interview, the VO told me I should hear back within 2 weeks and handed over a 221g blue slip with a case number written on it. He did not ask for any documents but he retained only my passport. 


CEAC case creation date: 08/06/2014

Interview date:08/07/2014 (administrative processing)

First case update: 08/07/2014 (administrative processing)

Second case update: 08/12/2014 (administrative processing)

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Hi ,


I am also on the same boat.

Here is my 221g horrible journey so far..


Visa Center : Chennai

Docs Submitted : 8th May 2014

Visa Interview  :  9th May 2014


Interviewer took all my docs except Passport and returned 221g blue slip and asked me to  check status online.



Case update date : 12th May 2014


After that I haven't received any updates and I also checked with my client, they also didn't received any update.

It's still showing Administartive Processing. It's been 100 days. :(



Is there anyone who attended interview on same month (May) and got 221g ble slip??

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Hi All,


I too received a 221g blue slip for my H1 extension and still awaiting to hear from consulate.  Below are the dates.


May 29 2014 : Documents were dropped at Dropbox

Jun 09 2014 : Since i was asked to appear for interview, i had taken the interview at Chennai Consulate and given 221G Blue slip.

Jul 11 2014: Supportive Docs are submitted by my Employer

Aug 05 2014 :First Case status update (Admin Processing)

Aug 22 2014 : Second Case staus update (Admin Processing)


Please update the forum if anyone receives a response from US. On my general observation, the approximate time the consulate take to complete the process ranges from 3 to 140 days. 

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I got 221g blue form for H1b visa at Chennai consulate, asking for detailed Project description PDF from petitioner to be emailed. No other check-box (such as administrative processing) in the form was ticked. No document or passport was taken. My petitioner has said they will provide the required document.

1) I read about long "Administrative processing" discussions in the forum. In my case it was not checked. What does that mean?  
2) Is it possible that case may move "administrative processing" after I submit the required document and take a long time?  
3) I don't want to have bad visa history and/or go through long wait period. Is withdrawing case safest option?  
4) Would withdrawal a) get recorded as visa-denied? b) mean "yes answer" to "Was any visa ever refused to you" in all future DS160 questions?
5) What are the pros/cons of  following case vs. withdrawing case and getting new H1b (or doing h1b transfer)?


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Hi Friends,


Did anyone have status update on your respective cases? Do we have any option to contact US consulate/Department of state to get to know the current status of 221G.


thank you

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i had a interview today. got 221g Blue slip marked "your application required addition admin processing before final decision can made.

VO :Gud morning

Me : Hud morning sir,

VO : pass the PP & I797

Me: pass both of them

VO: are you working for XXX\

Me: yes

VO : how long u have been with XXX

Me: 3.9 Years

VO : what is yur job designation 

Me : programmer analyst

VO: tell me your job responsibilities 

ME: i explained some thing

VO :where did you finish your masters:

Me : univ name

Vo : howz with u r company?

Me: everything is fine

VO: can you pass pay stubs or W2 forms

vo:  he said one last final check then went to beside then he said we couldn't find full info about your petition we need to             contact USCIS or DHS so i give blue slip for admine processing, and he keeps my PP and take xerox copy of I 797.

Me; asked how long it takes?

VO: he said not too long


any idea how long it takes, please help

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