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H1 Stamping in Canada - I-94 at airport ??!

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I will be going to H1 stamping to Vancouver Canada flying from SFO.


I have one ORIGINAL I-94 stapled to my passport.


And I have new I-797 under which there is I-94....


1st half - says "Detach this half for personal records"

2nd half - says "Please tear off and attach to original I-94"


Should I handover both ORIGINAL I-94 from my passport and 2nd half while check-in at SFO airport? Or should I handle just the ORIGINAL one from passport??

If I tear the 2nd half and if I return it, will there not be any problem during my stamping??


My employer said I should return the one that's attached to my passport as its mandatory and the one attached to 797 is optional as both I-94 numbers are same...


When coming back to US, I will only fill Customs form as I-94 now is electronic.


Please let me know ur suggestions.


Thank you..

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what ever your employer said is right. just hand over the I 94 which is in your passport to the CBP officer and while returning you just fill the form and its maintained electronically in the system which you can check in the website. 


No need to detach anything from your I 797

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