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My collection of H-1B Questions from this forum.

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Hello Friends,


Seems like many us of are in the same boat and that's why we are here. Will all the help from lot of people who are kind to us and share their H-1B visa stamping experience, I have been keeping a log of questions/experience posted. If the forum administrators allow this post, I would like to share this information with everyone that will not only save time but can get help from one post. Hope it helps you and please share it with anyone who needs it.


Again, I would like to mention that this information is "gathered" from all the posts I have found that have been helpful to me as I am going for my H-1B stamping soon. The interview questions are from all possible consulates. Good luck.





1) Who is Your Employer :-      Answered
2) What is your job title :-  Answered
3) are you working for client or employer ?      For Client
4) how much are you getting paid ?       Answered as per LCA
5) who is your client ?     Answered


Vo : Good morning , how are you ?
Me : Good morning, I am doing good . Thanks

Vo : Give me your passports and I-797
Me : Passed

Vo : Who is your employer and wt do they do ?
Me : Explained

Vo : your job profile ?
Me : Explained

Vo : Who is your reporting manager?
Me : Technical manager is XXXXX and my HR manager is YYYYY

Vo : what is your package ?
Me : $$$

Vo : Is your H1 fresh or renewal
Me : Renewal

Vo : who is end client
Me : My employer and client both are same i.e XXXXX

Vo : Name few customers ?
Me : Explained

Vo : which city?
Me : Dallas , Texas

Vo : show me ur old H1 stamping ?
Me : Passed on my old passport which has H1 stamping on it

VO: Good Morning, How are you doing?
Me: Good Morning, I am doing good, thanks

VO: Can I have your passport Please?
Me: Passed

VO: Can i have your I797?
Me: Passed

VO: What is your current company?

VO; How big is this company?
Me: Answered (approx count)

VO: You travelling to same company?
Me: No, I told the company name

VO: How you came to know about this company?
Me: Answered

VO: What will be your responsibilities there?
Me: Answered

Me: Good Morning Sir
Vo: Very Good Morning.

Vo: Can i have your passport.
Me: Passed my passport.

Vo: Can i have your i797
Me: gave my I797.

Vo: Which Company do you work For?
Me: I work for XYZ Company(tell the full name of the Company Don't use shortcuts or Abbreviations)
Vo: How long have you been with the company?
Me: 3 months

Vo: Which Company are you working before that?
Me: ABC Company (Again tell the full name of the company)

Vo: What is your Qualification?
Me: B.Tech

Vo: What is your Salary in USA?
Me: Answered my Salary ( He checks whether your salary matches your LCA )

Vo: Showing me a White book asked if i read that book?( the book contains your rights)
 Me: Yes sir( You can answer no if you have not read it. if he shows you the book then you can assume that your Visa is Approved)
Vo: Please give the right hand finger prints
Me: Gave the finger Prints.

Vo: Your Visa is approved Sir. And Good Luck.
Me: Thanks a lot Sir and have a great Day.

VO : Good morning.
Me: GM sir how are you doing.

VO : Please give me ur passport
Me : sure sire , handed over .

VO: R u travelling for first time.
Me : Yes sir.

VO : Please pass ur petition.
Me :- Sure sir.

VO : Wats ur qualification
Me :- BE

VO :- Which year u passed out
Me :- XXXX
VO :- can you pass me that cover letter , he saw i was holding cover letter from company. He went through that for a while.
VO :- Salary in US
Me :- XXXXXX $ per year

VO :- company name
Me :- XYZ

VO :- are u travelling to same employer , as i was wearing tag
Me :- yes sir

VO :- Since hw long ur in current company
Me :- 2 years

VO :- Are u married?
ME :- No

VO : ur designation in US?
Me :- bla bla

VO :- what does ur company do?
Me :- bla

What is the project about?
How many people in your team
Will you be joining the onsite team


Me: Good Morning! How are you doing?
VO: I'm good, how you doing today?
Me: It's been quite a morning, I've been waiting for almost 2 hrs for my token # to be called.
VO: VO looked at my token # and said, oh you're right! Sorry about that.
Me: (passed passport and i-797)
VO: Where are you working?
Me: X company
VO: What do you do?
Me: Answered in 1 sentence.
VO : What's your salary?
VO: Do you have a B.Tech or a Masters?
Me: Master's from US.
VO: How did you like it? (by then she put the passport in the basket)
Me: It was ok...
VO: Did you read the white booklet?
Me: Yes, I did. I had plenty time to do that
Both Smiled.
VO: You're visa is approved and sorry for the delay

She asked me the name of the client, my current Indian salary and salary
being offered in US, my designation and my education qualification.

VO: May I have your passport
Me: Provided
VO: Which company are you going to work for?
Me: Answered
VO: How many years, you were there in US before?
Me: Answered
VO: For how many companies you worked in that duration?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you work for any client?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your role?
Me: Answered
VO: What is the salary?
Me: Answered
VO: Are you married or single?
Me: Married.
VO: Is she not coming with you?
Me: No, she will join with me later.
VO: Will she come on H1/H4?
Me: H4
VO: Place left hand four fingers for Finger prints

VO - May I have your passport & DS-160
Me - Provided
VO - Which company do you work for?
Me - Answered
VO - Who is your client?
Me - Answered
VO - Where in US are you staying?
Me - New York
VO - What is your Project?
Me - Answered


Questions asked -
Where do you work?
Roles & Responsibilities?
University and graduation date?
What did you do after you graduated?  Ans - Worked on OPT and now on H1B.
Any employers before?
Client details?
Documents asked - LCA,Paystub,Employment Letter,Client Letter - I gave him email confirmation,Driver's license.
Checked my paystubs and said why are you paid more than mentioned in employment letter ? Ans -  I said based on my performance at client location he pays me more.
Are you single?
Where is your Family?
How many work in your team?
Do you get along with ur teammates and manager?
Do you supervise?


please make sure that ALL your W2's salary is equal or greater than LCA.

VO: So i see you have a big file are u here for h1b stamping.
Me: Yes
VO: Can you please pass on the h1b copy as well as the DS 160
Me: Gave it to him.
VO: You are working for which company.?
Me: employer name
VO: Can i see the offer letter from your company
Me: Gave it to him ( He read the offer letter from starting to the end each line by line)
VO: can i see your LCA
Me: Gave it to him
VO: Can i see your pay stubs
Me: gave it to him
VO: so you are earning XXX amount of salary
Me: Yes
VO: where did you do your masters and what is date of you completion
Me: Answered
VO: did you work on OPT
Me: Yes
VO: where is your company located.
VO: where is your client located
VO: So your company has contracted you out here.
Me: Yes.
VO: there is no problem in approving your visa but i couldnot find your application.


VO: What do you do for your company
Me: work as XXXXXXX
VO:what your higher degree
VO:which college
VO:where do you stay
Me:stay in XXXXX
VO: Can i see your i-129,LCA
Me:Here you go
VO: can i see your W-2,paystubs
Me:Here you go
VO;do your employer pays you monthly twice
VO: can i see your client letter
Me:Here you go


Me: Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning
VO: What do you do for XXXX (Employer)
Me: I told her my responsibilities
VO: Who is your End Client
VO: How long you been working for the Client?
Me: 5 yrs
VO: How log you been working for this employer?
Me; Since 3 yrs
VO: Why did you changed the employer in middle?
Me: Because I found better benefits with my new employer.
VO: Do you have Client Letter?
Me: Yes
VO: Do youhave Pay Stubs, W2, I-129, Labor.
Me: I handed all documents.
VO: She typed for 5 minutes and asked about my Masters and Bachelor Degree
Me: After few minutes
VO: she said, she needs to do some additional processing about my case and it might take 2 weeks or less than that.
Me: As I have my wedding in next month so I asked for my passport back. She just kept my I797 and returned all my documents.


Me: Good Morning. How are you doing today?
VO: Good, how about yourself.
Me: Good
VO: xxXXXXXXXX, is that your company?
Me: Yes
VO: You did your masters from University of XXXXX?
MeL Yes
VO: You completed your masters in XXXX?
Me: Yes
VO: Since when did you start employment @XXX?
VO: Do you work for a end client?
Me: Yes, gave the name of the cient as well as the address.
VO: Do you have a vendor?
Me: Yes
VO: Do you ahve client and vendor letters
Me: Yes
VO: May I see them?
Me: Sure. I gave him my vendor and client letter.
He went through the client letter throughly and just glanced through the vendor letter.
VO: Did you read this...pointed to the pamphlet.
Me: Yes
VO: Do you understand what it states?
Me: Yes
VO: How many employees are there in your company?
Me: xx
VO: I am approving passport and gave me the loomis receipt


1. What you do for your company?
2. Who is your end client?
3. She checked I129, LCA, W2's, PayStubs
4. Do you live at Client Location?
5. Highest Degree?
6. Annual Salary
7. Since when you are with your employer

1. I have never heard of your company, tell me about it
2. How many employees does it have
3. Where is its HQs
4. What is the percentage of non-americans
5. Do you know your rights?


1) Why did you chose that university, I think that is university not good?
2) Why did you transfer university after coming US?
3) Asked for LCA, Client letter?  He is typing some thing on computer mentioned in LCA.

vo: Good Morning
me: Good Morning, How r u.
vo: good, how r u.
me: good. (handed over my passport)
vo: oh H1, its gonna take a long time. we have to do lot of verification.
me: ok.
vo: so you did your masters, which university?
me: ABC University.
vo: when did you graduate.
me: dec 2008
vo: which univ are you grad from?
me: abc....
vo: you came to US to that univ?
me: no I came to xyz in NY and moved to abc in Chicago
vo: what is the reason?
me: cost of living and commute
vo: XYZ NY univ is good one and ABC univ in Chicago is public univ not bad... atleast you did not moved to East coast UNIV
vo: when did your h1 start?
me: Feb 2011
vo: who is your employeer
me: XYZ inc
vo: when did you joined this company?
me: Jan 2013.
vo: from Feb 2011 - Jan 2013 your with diff emoployer
me: yes... ABC company
vo: what's the reason for change of employer
me: better oppportunity and better pay.
vo: how many employers are there in your current company?
me: 80
vo: how many are on H1?
me: 3
vo: wow... what about remaining?
me: Citizens and GC
vo: are they all do Consulting or inhouse?
me: some are consulting and some do inhouse
vo: how many people are working with you from your company in your project?
me: 8 including me
vo: she asked for End client letter
me: i do not have end client letter because my client will not provide client letter
vo: sorry but I need to see some proof.
me: i showed client email, badge, screenprints, photos, appreciation emails.
vo: I cannot accept this as end client proof
me: i showed Purchase order.
vo: she looked at the PO and said I need something like this.... lets see... your PO says the project is till 12/31/2013. what after this project?
me: When I started working for this client back in 2010 they gave PO for 6 months and then on it was extended yearly and My project will extend yearly I am pretty sure my project will extend for 2014 also. and I am carrying all the docs related to project extension.
vo: what if the project is not extended with your client?
me: my employeer has inhouse.
vo: that's good
vo:let me see your paystubs
me: passed on the paystubs
vo: what is pay like? is it bi weekly or flat?
me: biweekly
vo: do you get any bonus for OT?
me: yes
vo: that's good you got paid.
vo: let me see your LCA
me: handed over the LCA
vo: she verified Petitioner address, client address and my home address
vo: how many days you work at client location and how many days in petitioner address?
me: 4days at client one day at Petitioner
vo: your visa is approved you can collect your passport at loomis.
(she gives me some paper and says, when you are working in US you should know your rights and hand book)


Vo : Give me your passports and I-797
Me : Passed

Vo : Who is your employer and wt do they do ?
Me : Explained

Vo : your job profile ?
Me : Explained

Vo : Who is your reporting manager?
Me : Technical manager is XXXXX and my HR manager is YYYYY

Vo : what is your package ?
Me : $$$

Vo : Is your H1 fresh or renewal
Me : Renewal

Vo : who is end client
Me : My employer and client both are same i.e XXXXX

Vo : Name few customers ?
Me : Explained

Vo : which city?
Me : Dallas , Texas


VO - are you employee of XXXX
Me - Yes
VO- who is your client
Me- answered
VO- how long you have been working with your client
VO - Client Location
Me - answered
VO - where did you do your master and location
ME - answered
VO- can i have your H1-B filing documents
Me- submitted
VO - your paystubs
Me- submitted




List of docs:

Here is the list of docs that I took to the consulate and docs highlighted in cyan are the docs which are asked for by consulate.

Documents needed to enter consulate
Original Passport/s
Appointment confirmation email
DS-160 confirmation with bar-code
Original I-797 approval notice

Documents needed at the time of interview
H-1b petition cover letter (if any)
I-129 (petition) and related 2 forms
Addendum to I-129 by Employer (if any)
Employer letter to USCIS
Employment agreement
Client letter on letterhead
Vendor letter on letterhead (if there is a middle vendor between employer and client)
Copy of Contract between employer and client
Copy of passport pages (non-blank)
I-140 approval copy (if any)
All previous approval notices (I-797)
All previous I-94
Educational evaluation
Degree certificates and mark sheets
Other professional certificates / membership (if any)
Previous experience letter (if any)
Paystubs (last 12 months)
W-2 (all years since you entered US)
Proof that employer-employee relationship exists (this list is not exclusive)
Current employment letter
Proof that you are enrolled in employer sponsored health plan etc.
Weekly status report / timesheet that you sent to employer
Bank statements for the bank acct where employer deposits the salary (for 12 months)
Tax return (I took for all years I have been in US)
Proof that employer pays you salary (in my case, they accepted the check images for 6 months)
Any other document that was a part of H-1b petition package to USCIS
1) Bank Statements dating from Jan 2013 - Present
2) Support letter to USCIS that your petitioner provided when filing your most recent I-129


VO: Hello
Me: Hello, how are you?
VO: So, you work at so and so. What is this company?
Me: Yes sir, I work at .
VO: What do they do?
Me: IT Consulting and Software Development.
VO: What is your end client?
Me: so and so
VO: (spelling it out)
Me: Yes, sir.
VO: What is your role?
Me: so and so.
VO: What project do you work on?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: What do you do?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: What programs you build?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: This is for H-1B visa, right?
Me: Yes, sir.
(At this point, VO looked satisfied and I thought he was going to utter those golden words that your visa has been approved. But, that's my day dream.)
VO: Ok, looks like there is a problem in our system, it shows you are applying for some other visa type. Please take a seat until we correct it. I will call you.
Me: Sure, sir.
(What VO told me was not correct; I have a copy of DS-160, DS-160 confirmation, appt letter confirmation - all shows I applied for H-1B. Perhaps, VO was buying some time to check something.

Then, VO gave my file to one lady and that lady did something inside that office. Then that lady went outside and went to some other office, she came back, handed over my file to VO. Meanwhile VO interviewed couple of folks. Then he called me out.)

VO: Ok, what is this ? Where are they located? Are they in ?
Me: Yes, sir, my company, <? >, is based in .
VO: What's your highest degree?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: Where did you get it?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: Is this 4 years degree?
Me: Yes sir, this is 4 year degree.
VO: Hmm. At this point, I want to ask you to show me your paystub/s.
Me: Ok, sir.
(I handed 5/6 recent paystubs.)
VO: (Looking at paystubs one-by-one). Hmm, how long you have been in US? 3 years?
Me: Sir, I have been in US for almost 9 years.
VO: In that case, these paystubs are not enough.
(I was wondering if I had to carry 9 years paystubs. I was thinking in mind what else he would say. At this point, I saw a note on a paper that was sent with that lady, it said - PIMS verification. )
VO: I have to tell you that we need additional time to look at this application and find out what is going on.
(VO took out yellow colored printed letter (221-g form) and marked checkbox for necessary administrative processing).
Me: Would I know how much time this processing would take?
VO: No. Once we complete, we will send you an email and tell you what to do.
Me: (Collected the paper from VO), ok, thank you sir, have a nice day.


Me: GM
Me: Handed over H1b, DS 160 confirmation and Passport
VO: What company do you work for?
Me: XYZ company
VO: How long you have been with this company
Me: XX years
VO: where is your company located
Me: ABC State
VO: your client?
Me: Same state
VO: When did you first come to the US
VO: DId you leave the country before for stamping
Me: Yes..twice
VO: Why did you come to vancouver?
Me: Visiting and tourism
VO: You have a masters in a non-IT field do you have any certification?
Me: Yes I do
VO: give me your copy of H1b petition and paperwork
Me: Handed over I-129 and LCA
VO: Reviewed the doc for a couple mins and said ur visa is approved..
Me: Thank you and have a good day.


Where do you work?
Where is your employer located?
What does your company do?
What do you do?
Do you supervise people?
Where did you study?
What was your major?
Where did you go for stamping previously? (India and vancouver in my case)
Do you have family in US? (i have my wife/kid)
Are they going to apply for stamping? (I just said yes)
Did you apply for GC ( i said yes, i have i-140 approved)
EMPLOYER Questions:

• Are you working with XXXX company ? / Who is your employer? / Whom do you work for? / Who is petitioning for you today? / Who is your petitioner?
• Where is your employer located?
• Who is your CEO?
• Address of employer
• What is your qualification for this job?
• What is your employer business? / What's your employer? / What does your employer do? / What is your company about?
• What do you do for your company? / What are your duties/roles and responsibilities? / What is your title and what do u do for your employer? / What is your designation? / What is your job? / What is your role in your company?
• Can you please elaborate the duties?
• How much duration u r working with your employer? / How long you been working with your employer? / When did you join your employer?
• What is your annual salary? / How much do you get paid? / How much is your income? / What is your pay?
• Do you discuss pay and wages with your employer? Yes, I do discuss, but as of now, am very happy with what he is paying.
• Why is your salary fluctuating? Why there is deduction on paystubs? / Why so much change in salary?
• Show me ur bank statements
• Why is your pay less in last year W2?
• Show me your W2 worked for your employer.
• Show me your pay stubs
• Where do you work at?
• How do you like xxxxx place?
• Do you have any issues/problems with your employer?
• How do you get your work assignments?
• Does your employer know about your projects?
• Whom do you report to? What you will report to your employer?
• How do you report to your employer? - Weekly status call, biweekly status report, stand-up calls when necessary
• Who will allocate the work? XXX person from my company and XXX manager from client will co-ordinate and XXX person from my company will allocate the work.
• Is there any gap (sitting idle) during change of the clients? / Are you on bench? / Does your company ever bench you?
• I can see that your employer does not pay on time? No I get pay on time. (Please be more confident this time. Say it’s always on time)
• Does your employer maintain employer-employee relationship? How?
• How many employees does your employer have, and any one work in same location with you?
• How your employer and Vendor are related?
• Are you satisfied with all the companies you work or worked for?
• Are you happy with your employer?

CLIENT Questions:

• From what time who have been working with your current client?
• How long with client and employer? / Same time with employer and Client?
• Do you have an end client? Do you have client letter?
• Who is your End client?
• What do they do?
• How long you been working with your end client? / How many months you worked for this client? / How much duration you are working with Client?
• Do you travel to client place? / Do you travel every week to client location?
• What is your position with the client?
• Where is your client located?
• How far Client is from your place?
• Do you work at a client site?
• Any other employees working from your company at client?
• What do you work at Client? / What is your work at client location?

Explain same as in client letter

• Do you have supervisor/manager at XXX client and what is his name?
• How long is the project with your client

VENDOR Questions:

• Do you have vendor? / Do you have any layers?
• What does your vendor do?
• Do you have any one between your client and employer
• How come your Vendor found your client?


It was counter number 4 ( Lady VO) 
The questions that i got asked on the day of the interview were
1) what does your company do (employer name)?
An) XXX (employer name), give little bit some information about the employer company.
2) How long have you been working for them
A) for almost 6 months
3) Do you work for the client?
A) Yes,
4) Do you have the client letter?
A) I had showed them client letter.
3) What do you do for them, or what are your duties?
A) XXX... make sure that this is the same in the DS-160 form, Client letter, and the supporting letter from your employer.
4) Did you study in the US?
A) Yes, Masters
5) Where?
A) XX university
6) in what?
A) Mech Eng.
I was worried about my major but the VO didn't ask me how it is related. If he/she asks me, i would have answered in the following way.
Even though my major is Mechanical, i have done couple of computer base courses during my grad and undergrad level (can show proof). I started developing more interest towards it. I have also done some certifications (can show proof). And finally in my first company, i was given some intensive training on C and other related courses, and that’s made me more expertise on software side.
OK, your visa is approved.


Who is your employer?  How long you work for them?
Whom do you work previously? 
Who is your client?
What you do for them?
How long you are working for them?
Do you have a bachelor degree or masters?
How long you are in US? How long you will be staying in US?
Did you marry? What she does?  Is your wife on H1 too? Who is her employer?
Why she didn't come for visa interview with you? Doesn't see need visa?
 Is she in valid status? Then told me “make sure she stays in valid status always”
Asked for the required documents:  LCA,
Client letter, W2 and recent pay stubs.
I handed them all. He quickly verified everything in less than 10 seconds and returns them all.


My interview on counter5:
Who is ur employer?
What is ur highest degree?
Which university?
Where do u work?
Do u have a client letter?
How long with employer?
How long with the client?
Ever been on bench?
Recent paystubs, W2 and LCA?


Me: Good morning sir. how are you doing
Vo: Good .
VO: You work for which company
VO: Do you know the guy who got just interviewed
Me: yes
VO: Does he work with you and is really for the abc client
Me: yes works for abc client.
Vo: whats your role..
Me: explained in detailed role for a min
VO: How long you working for employer
Me: xx months
VO: How long are you in us
Me: x..  years
VO: Whats your education.
Me: Bachedlors in engineering
VO: From where
Me: I said college name..
VO: is it a university
Me: No university is osm....
VO: Which company you worked previosuly
Me: ABC...
VO: explain me your role there
Me: said few roles..
VO: are you doing the same role here
Me: yes and few more additional stuff im doing
VO: you changed employer and howz your new employer related to same client
Me: my employer has relationship with client and few employees work for the same client
VO: Is your role same as the other guy who works at the client place
Me: No i work on different and complex modules and do lots of programming..
VO: Smiled and said your visa is approved and you can check status in 1- 3 days
Me: Thank you sir and have a great day...
My friend also had similar questions and few extra questions which were not asked to me are listed below and he was grilled on below as well and his interview also took 6-10 min like me.
VO: Explain me the pattern on how you working for same client with many employers...
My friend had to explain every employer and said they have existing relationship as there employees work there.
VO:ask who supervise you and client manager related questions:
Ans:Always employer supervises you and client monitors work
VO: do you interact daily with client manager
ANs : yes
VO: why did u change your employer
ans: career growth and opportunity
VO: how is your career growing working for same client
ans: working with current employer also expanded my role and technologies helping me to grow..



VO: What company do you work for and what do you do for them?
VO: How long have you been working for them?
VO: Where did you work before this?
VO: How long in the US?
VO: Married?
VO: Does wife need visa? (I told she is on H1 as well)
VO: Why Ottawa and not Vancouver? (He asked coz m based in CA, Told him about lack of appointments there)
VO: Your Visa has been approved!!

VO: Good Morning, How are you?
Me: Good. How about you?
VO: Good.
VO: So, this is your 1st H1B Visa?
Me: Yes sir
VO:When did your H1 start?
VO:Were you with the same employer since then?
Me:Yes sir
VO:Is your employer good to you?
Me:Yes sir
VO:Does he pay you as agreed?
Me:yes sir.
VO:Did you study in US?
Me:Yes sir
VO:Which school?
VO:Which California State University (as there are 24 CSU's)
VO:What did you study?
Me:Electrical Engineering.
VO: Ok;. Your visa is approved. Please wait to hear from Loomis and then collect your documents.

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good morning, handed passport, I787 doc to VO
Vo: How long with your employer?
me: x years y months
VO: How long with client?
me: over z years
VO: What did you do in XXX university, seeing at his computer?(May be checking my DS-160)
me: Masters in Applied Computer Science
VO: asked for client letter and LCA
me: gave
VO: He was very quick to compare both the docs, asked where do I live?(I have 2 employment address in LCA, employer and Client)
me: said, I live at Client address
VO: He was very quick to compare both the docs(Client letter & LCA), he asked, why there are change of vendors?
me: Said my first vendor got bankrupt and client provided list of preferred vendors and then my employer choose this guy as he has good relationship....
VO: Your visa is approved, collect your passport in 3-5 business days.
me: Thank you sir and left.


VO: Hello
me : Hello how r u (smiling)
VO: who is ur employer
 VO: how did u get this job
VO: how many employees does they have
me XX employees
VO: who assignes you the work how you co ordinate
Me : I answered
Vo: hiughest levelfo education?
me  masters
vo: can i see ur degreeand transcripts
me: passed on
vo:  you married
me: single
vo: you reh=jected earlier onf1?
me  yes and mentioned the reason....and dont forget to mention it in ds form...  be frank.. do not write any thign wrong...
vo: what are your  roles and resposibilities
me: bla bla
vo: what is ur  salary
me: around 60k
vo: what  do u mean 60k
me: 57,893 but it was few years  back when i joined.. but now i earn 78k
(explain them as u will have lot of time to answer  unlike INDIA)
 they will listernto ur answers so be frank and answer
vo: do u work remote?]
me: yes i  work for max of a  week..
vo:  retruned my i797 and handed a paper  for loomis brnch location and said  you can recieve ur passport in 2 days of time wait  for the email...
me: thanks...




Good morning (no response from her side)

To my husband
VO: Where do you work
Ans: Currently .........

VO:Who is your employer in US

VO:Highest Qualification

VO:USA Salary

VO: How did you come to know about this job

VO:What do your USA employer do

VO:Who is the client

VO:Your Work

VO:USA company strength

VO:Why you want to switch to a small company

VO:Can i see the employer and client contract


1. what will be you working on?

2. Any particular client?

3. No, then where will you work from?

4. Have you travelled to US before?

Then I had to wait for 5 min, and finally VO said that your visa is approved.

Wish you all the best!!!



1) Who is Your Employer :-
2) What is your job title :-
3) are you working for client or employer ?
     For Client
4) how much are you getting paid ?
      Answered as per LCA
5) who is your client ?



VO: How are you? Pass the passport.
       I like your daughters dress.
       (American guy with very friendly nature)
Me/Wife: Smiled and responded

VO: Which company are you going to join?
Me: Did not hear the question, asked if he was asking the location or the title?
       I will be working for XYZ and ABC

VO: He rephrased, the company name?

VO: What will be working as?

VO: What is your indian salary?
Me: Rs 123

VO: What is the US salary?

VO: How long have you been married?
Wife: XX Years

VO: Is this your first trip to work in US?
Me: Yes, but i have visited on B1 visa twice

VO: Ok, so you will going there to work for the first time?
Me: Yes

VO: What do you do currently?
Wife: Housewife

Happy ending......
VO: You will get the passport in 4-5 days.
Me: Thank you

VO: Please read the document(White, rights doc)

Me: Thanks, and was about to leave

VO: Please hold on, system is still updating.

Took a minute, he requested us to bear with him.

VO: done now, said bye to daughter.
Daughter: Waved back





Q1) Which company?
A) Company A

Q2) Current Employer?
A) Same company but as an Independent Contrator.

Q3) Salary Offered?
A) xxx

Q4) (To my wife) What's your highest level of education?
A) Wife answered

Officer: Your visa is approved.

He handed me a small booklet which mentions my rights as a worker in USA.

He didn't see any single supporting document including i797. It couldn't be any smoother I guess.



1) Which company ?
A)Company A.

2) Since how long you are with Company A?
A) Its a new employment and i will be joining as soon as i get the visa stamped.

3) What technologies they are working on ?
A) Answered.

4) How many employees ?

5) Who paid for the Visa ?
A) My Company has paid.

6) How did u apply for this job?
A) Through a job portal, Dice.com

7) Are you married ?
A) Yes

8) Since how long you have been married?
A) Answered

And finally the golden words - I am approving your Visa.
He just asked me for the passport. and the original I797. Thats it. nothing he checked.



I got stamped My H1 B In Hyd consulte..Below are the questions...

1 What you do for your company?

2 What is your Highest Qualification?

3 Are you Married?

4 What is your Salary in US?

Just 4 questions very simple...


VO: Asked to come forward
Me: Good Morning officier,How r u doing
VO: good ,how about u
VO: passport please
Me: handoverd the passports
VO: who is your employer
Me; Answered
VO: client
Me; Answered
VO: which city you are going
Me; Answered
VO:whats the salary
Me: Answered
VO:How long hav u been married (to my wie)
My Wife: Answered
VO: how old she is ( about baby)
My wife replied
VO: asked My wife to place left hand finger prints
VO: asemd me to place right hand for finger prints
VO: i am issuing your VISA,, hav a nice day
Me: thanks officer
Except passport, Officer didnt asked for any doc



Pre steps before going to interview:
1) fill you DS160 form in the below link and submit will give the confirmation with Bar code.
2) take the print of this confirmation and keep one copy.
3) Schedule your interview in the below link by register your user id.
4) It will provide the interview appointment letter and take the print of that letter . You will get today dates one is for Visa application Center to verify your Passport,DS160 and take the photo graph and finger prints.
5) Next day will be the visa interview .

VISA interview Questions:
VO [Lady from US] : Good Morning
Me : Very Good Morning
VO: Can i have your Passport Please
Me : Yaa sure..
VO: which purpose you are going to US ?
Me : to work for AAA
VO: Where is the company located?
Me: its in BBB
VO: What is your role in the company?
Me: Programer Analyst
VO: What kind of work you are going to do?
Me : Developing the product called YYY
VO: What is that product name/does?
Me: The product is that CCC tool and will do bla bla bla
VO: do you have any client for this?
Me: No iam going to work at my Employer place.
VO: who will pay the salary?
Me: My Employer
VO: do you have your project description?
Me: Yes I have and passed 3 pages document
VO: she has checked in the system for 5 min and after that she saw the project pages back to me
      What is the your current compnay?
Me: My current company is ZZZ
VO: how long you are working in ZZZ?
Me: x Years.
VO: What is the size of the US Employer?
Me: Y members
VO: are you going to US first time?
Me: Yes
VO: What is the salary in US?
Me: JJJJ $$$$$
VO: you are working in such a Big company ZZZ from past x years, why you want to go to a small company in US?
Me: As i have entire Y years exp in prodcut development , iam looking for a new project for developing new product from Scratch.So, i liked this product concept and their plan to do implement for next x years plan and of course it will useful for my career growth also
VO: Okay. how did you applied for this job?
Me: one of my friend referred and applied on internet and got short listed and attended the interview and selected.
VO:What is your education ?
Me: masters in Computer science
VO: she shows one white pamphlet ans asked do you know this before?
Me: No.
VO: you must read this before going to US.
Me: Okay
VO: congrats and iam approving your VISA
Me: Thank you and have a great day.

They didn't asked me any single document and only asked me the project description. And after come out i was paid 300 rupees for courier service for passport.







VO asked us to come forward.
Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning. Can u show the passports?
I passed the passports for all three of us.
VO: Where are you working?
Me: answered (I was wearing my company id)
VO: How long you are with the company?
Me: Answered
VO:Whats your salary in India?
Me: Answered
VO: Whats your salary in US?
Me: Answered
VO: How long you have been married (to my wifey)
Wife: Answered
VO: Whats your education qualification?
Wife: Answered
VO: Have you applied for visa before (to me)
Me: No
VO: Whats your sons age? (to my wife)
My son answered for that :-)
VO: Do you have any brother or sisters?
My son said he has a cousin.
VO: (laughing) do you want to take him to US as well?
My son said Yes.
VO: (still laughing) noooo...you cant take him there.


VO: Good Morning
Me: Very Good Morning

VO: Can i have ur Passport and I-797 ?
Me: Passed

VO: For which compnay u r working ?
Me : Answered

VO: Who is ur Client ?
Me: Answered

VO: What u will do for ur client ? (Roles and responsibilities)
Me : Answered.

VO: What is ur highest degree ?
Me: Answered

VO: Can u show me the equivalent degree (qualification certificate )given by ur company?
Me: Passed

VO: From how many years u r with ur Company ?
Me: 3 years

VO: Prior to that what u were doing ?
Me: Answered

VO: What will be ur US salary p.a ?
Me: Answered

VO: Are u married ?
Me: Answred accordingly

VO: Are u engeged ?
Me : Answered accordingly

VO : have u gone through rules/rights templet ? (this will provide at consule while checking doc.)
Me: i have just got this , havn't gone through .

VO : Then she did some thing on her PC and then the GOLDEN WORDS came




What do you do?
I'm  a ABC ( Job title)
What is you highest degree?
MS in CS
Who do you work for?
XYZ company ( Employer )
How long have you been working as ABC
Told X years and Y months. since (start month and year )
Do you have an end client?
What is it?
Told client name
What does client do? (  What is their business )
Told in one sentence ( I had prepared how to answer this in short and in long description)
how long with this client?
X  months
Do you have client letter?
Yes (gave it, the officer glanced through the first paragraph of the letter)
can I see you LCA and I-129 petition?
Your visa is approved, can collect you passport in 3 days
As far as I know three other people had their H1 interview that morning, 2 got through, and one person's visa was approved but PIMS was not updated.
I prepared extensively for the interview, took all the documents I possibly could . Though the visa interview was kind of straight forward I felt that my preparation boosted my confidence though I was tense. Even though it seems everyone is getting through easily, be prepared and take all the documents and go read through the DS 160 1 -129 and LCA thoroughly.



1) Had given my PP,i797 and DS form
2) Whats my role with my company? i explained shortly in 2 sentences.
3) Who is your end client? XXXXX
4) So you work for XXX client? I said yes
5) which location of client? XXXX location
6) How long r u working client?
7) How long with my employer?
8) Highest degree?(she was very low in voice and was typing all the time of interview; so i asked her to repeat the question and she did) MS
9) Major in ? XXX(mine is frm Electronics background!! So be prepared to answer this properly if asked why u changed 2 IT consultant)
10) Which Place? XXXX
then the golden words came out..your visa was approved..she never checked any document of mine....
i have meet other 2 candiadtes who had interview at same time: they went to counter 3,6 Male VO
Quesitons aksed and checked each docu related to it:
1) LCA?
2) I129?
3) Client Letter?(if you dont have why and email stating the same)
5) Pay stubs?
6) do your employer pay you frequently?
7) Whts your role?
8) who is your petitioner?



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