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Hi ,

I went to H1 visa stamp on May 2nd 2012 in ottawa,canada.

Visa officer asked me to provide all the employment letters, vendor letters,w2, paystubs, client letters , LCA.

I had provided all of them , but I don't have client letter and i gave the mail which i got from the client manager , then he said we need to further review your case and gave 221g white slip and said will send you a email about the update . But till now i didn't hear anything from them nor the client does received any mail.

Does anyone has came across the same issue .Please let me know.

And also is it ok , if we can contact the Embassy for the case update .

Please suggest ...

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Hi raj, I also got 221g on May 14th 2012, they have contacted client and my client replied. I havent got any updates from them yet. Can you please let me know ur contact details, my gmail id is rajashekr.

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Hi Raj,

I am in the same boat, I Am working for a financial client, won't be getting client letter, but my manager is OK to give me a Email. What do you suggest me raj ? is it ok to go with that ..i will be going on june 7 ...please give me you advice on this.

Could you please share me your interview experience, that will help people like us ,



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As far as I know people who has client letter also got 221g for further review . I know financial clients will not entertain client letter but if a review needs to be done then client should be in a position to reply for the questioner.

My interview exp is in the first quote itself.



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Guys I am in same situation. Got 221g for back ground verification on Arrest record which was dismissed. Gave all my documents back and kept only my passport and court documents. Is anyone there who i ready to share accomadation. Donno how long its gonna take

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Thanks Raj, It was helpful. So did you get any reply from counselate ? If you don't mind could please share the letter format which you asked your manager . If you can have a sift copy could you please frwd it to srin.net at gmail dot com

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