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I-765 application for employment authorization approved

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to cg13625

I sent on my case the picture page, passport number page, the stamps page (when you came to USa and they stamp) and visa page.

that is it

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I have applied (paper based application) for employment authorization (L2) and it was received on 01/24 - Nebraska Service Centre.

68 days passed, but still the status is "Initial Review".

Anybody who applied around the time? Any updates regd your application?

Lalitha, your EAD approved?

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Originally posted by Alexandre:

I got approved

Sent dec 22, 2010

FP on jan 28 first

FP on fev 28 second

Approve on March 22, exactly 3 months after I applied

good lock guys

Hi Alexandre

Just a quick qtn. by FP u mean finger printing.i guess. why do u need FP two times? Also can you share what category is ur case filed in ( EB2/EB3). just to understand if the processing time is dependent on category or not. thanks


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Hi sidharth07

When I applied on dec 22th was EB3, but that really don't matter on Finger print fase.

FP = finger print

I had two FP but after a while I figure out why

I didn't apply concurrent, I got my I 140 approved first and after that I send the I 485 and I 765, but When I got the received for I 485 they put me on another alien number, that means different form my I 140, so when they discovery that they send another FP with old alien number, I believe just for make sure I was the same person.

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I am really worried at this time. I applied for my OPT on 7th June, got a letter from Nebraska service center on 10th June about acceptance of my application.

My case status is still initial review. My current employer wants me to get full time starting from 26th Aug and that is when my CPT is expiring.

How long does it take to get EAD in hand?

I would appreciate your time in replying to this.


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