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Need to change submitted DS160 . Do I have to Cancel the appointment.

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Hello all,

I filled out a DS160 and submitted it to vancouver consulate. I booked an appointment with this ds160 confirmation number.

I realized that I made a mistake in the submitted DS160. I know that there is no way for me to change the submitted DS160 and I have no problem filling out a new one with correct details and update that confirmation number in

the appointment information. but my question is , if I do that , does my appointment get cancelled and I need to re-schedule it ?

I do not want to re-schedule my appointment because I already made all my travel plans.

I'd be grateful if some one who knows about this replies .

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if it's small typo, you can ignore.

Any big mistake, you can always submit another one and inform visa officer about same.

No need to cancel current appointment.

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I had a similar experience in the past and I did some research and found that it will not be a problem.

I actually sent an email to the embassy, I was suggested to: fill out a new DS160 form, print whole form and confirmation page, take it with you to the consulate. You can explain the typo on your original DS160 to the Visa Officer and they will understand.

It actually happens very often that you think. All d best and let's know wht happened.

(Consult an Immigration attorney, and I DO NOT take any responsibility.)

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Thank you for the reply. Can you please tell me When did this happen to you and which embassy did you contact? I am also thinking of sending an email to Vancouver embassy.

In the appointment details , they actually let you change the DS-160 confirmation number. Do you know why they do not want you to change that?

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Thank you Ram.u .... I feel relieved that I can change it .

One question though ... The link you provided is to create a new account . but I already have an account and I can log in and change the ds-160 confirmation . I assume thats what you meant , login to the site and click the edit button which appears in the personal Info section.


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Hi Swetha or Ram... Could you let me know how did your Interview go.. Was there any problem with the changes you made to DS160 after you submitted it and scheduled the interview.. Please share your experience, it might help us.




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