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H1B Extension in RFE (I-94 expired), H1B Transfer Approved?

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Dear Team, 

I am working with Company "A " and I had a valid H1B and I-94 till July, 2019. My Company filed for an extension in June, 2019. I received an RFE in Jan, 2020 and my Company "A" is preparing the Response. 

Company "B" Initiated Transfer petition in Premium in the Month of Feb, 2020 (I-94 already expired) for which I might get a response by next week. What should I do in this case? 


1. If H1B transfer to Company "B" gets approved but only I-797 received. Do I need to wait for H1B extension of Company "A" to proceed with the Transfer? 

2. If H1B Transfer to Company "B" gets approved but my H1B extension of Company "A" gets rejected, can I still work with Company "B"? 

3.  If H1B Transfer to Company "B" gets approved should I proceed with Transfer and Go back to India for Stamping and don't wait for H1B Extension Decision of Company "A"?

4. Can H1B transfer to Company "B" also go into an RFE as my H1B extension with Company "A" is also in RFE? 


Appreciate your support. 


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Check with your Company B's attorney if they filed it as a bridge or a consular processing petition. If its a bridge, then you will have to wait for Emp A's approval. In this case if A's case is rejected, B's case will also be rejected. If Consular processing, then you will have to go for stamping and come back.



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