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L1A extension beyond 7 years

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Shall I request for the extension of those four missing work months of L1A visa by filing a new extension request? Please let me know.

Back ground:

I am on L1A visa and arrived here initially for work on Jan 02, 2014 though visa issued on Dec 02, 2013

After my recent flyback from India, the I-94 is given until Nov 2020. 

With this, I am going to complete my work in the USA for 6 years 8 months out of an eligible 7 years period.

Out of those lost 4 months of work I am going to miss in the USA, 35 days were lost due to initial travel plans after visa stamping. 3 months I was on the fly back to India from the USA and did not work during that period. [Detailed dates are given below in Arrival and Travel Dates:]

Ariival and Travel Dates:

Initial L1A Visa stamp-

            Issue date - 02 Dec 2013

            Petition Expiration (PED date) - 28 Nov 2016

And I arrived in the USA on 02 Jan 2014 

I left the USA to India my home country for vacation 3 months in the last 6 years and that is for one month during Dec 2015, one month during Dec 2017 and again one month during Dec 2019.

Now, My Visa and I-94 is till 25 Nov 2020

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