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B2- extension-H4-EAD, going for visa stamp outside own country

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Hi All,

Friend of mine(Indian National) came on B2 visa and got extension on that B2 visitors visa for 6 more moths, married and converted to H4 and also applied for EAD and approved. and currently on H4EAD. There is NO lapse in the stay through out these process of conversions, extensions and approvals.

I understand he can stay here as long as he has approved extension. Only visa stamp he got is for B2(visitors visa) back in 2016 from India.

Now my question is, If he is planning to visit outside US, he needs visa to get back into US. So before going outside US, can he go for his visa stamping(to Mexico, Canana or Bahamas) on his current status of H4-EAD, along with his spouse who is on H1B(for 4th time) with i-140 approved?

I guess some country consulates like mexico only do renewals for same category(H4 to H1 or H1 extensions), Canada may do for F1-H1B, not sure if any other consulates just around the US will do B2 to H4(keeping in mind all the conversions and extensions we went through from original status)?

Any information of personal experience will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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he can apply but may get a 221g and be told to return to the very home he promised he would return to when he lied to get his B2 visa,. as I am quite sure he told a CO that he was planning to return in 2-3 weeks instead of a year...

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