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I am filling I130 for the spouse in India...I have a few questions for I130 form, please help, I really appreciate.

(1) I have two employers, I am the petitioner. In the Employment History, Employer 1 has an end date as 'Present' in 45b, can I do the same for the Employer 2 also and write 'Present' by hand in end date 49b?
(2) For all the India addresses I can put the address, city name and country name, there is no place to put State name, as the dropdown state name list is only for USA states. Is it ok to not include the state name of Indian address? Or should I put the state name in 'Province'?
(3) There are a lot of fields where I can't enter special characters like "N/A" eg in Spouse 2 field, so can I write it with hand, is it ok to have form half filled on computer and half by hand?
(4) I was GC holder and got Citizenship through Naturalization, should I put A number from Green Card in Part 2 question 1 "A-Number", or leave it blank as I am a US citizen now?
(5) I don't have a middle name, should I leave it blank or write N/A or ----- by hand?

Thank you for your help and time

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