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Travel to USA with EAD/AP card

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Both myself and my spouse have EAD (GC-EAD - not H4 EAD), but neither of us used the EAD status as we had always stayed H1 & H4 visas. My spouse has travelled to India now.

Can she come back using her EAD/AP card in port of entry while I stay in H1 status in USA?

Can I go to India, stay for 5-6 months and come back using my valid EAD/AP card? Will they check if I have valid employment in Port of Entry? or will there be a question for a prolonged vacation out of country?

Myself & my spouse are planning to get divorced in India. But I would like her to come back to USA independently using her EAD. Can she travel to USA, while I stay in India? Is her EAD/AP considered as dependent EAD (again its not H4 EAD), that I need to be in US?

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