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B1 approval trends in India

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which location has good scope of getting B1 approval in India.

I am basically from Hyderabad. Heard there are more rejections of B1 in recent time here.

Should i opt for taking up my interview in Chennai? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Location has nothing to do with B1/2 adjudication. 

Applicants have to convince a CO they have strong ties to home, and applications are decided on merit. Interview locations should be chosen based on residence. Hyderabad rejections might be due to a combination of lack of ties and not being truthful. 

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Any attempt at 'visa shopping' will be viewed as desperation and will more than likely result in a denial...you are either a bona fide applicant or not...trying to play word games, etc, will usually backfire and you will be labeled as some low level fraudster (most likely)...and then your chances of ever getting a visa will evaporate.

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