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Mother's GC; son's birth certificate neither lists mother's name nor son's

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I applied for my mother's GC. Have received a letter requesting my birth certificate. Problem is that my original birth certificate neither lists her name nor mine. I was not named when the birth certificate was generated. In India kids are often not named right after birth. And my birth certificate only list father's name. My father has passed away. I have a few Indian passports that show her name as my mother. Please advise.

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Don't worry

Ask 2 or 3 people who have knowledge of her birth but are not close relatives (to avoid conflict of interest) to sign an affidavit confirming her birth place, name, date of birth

Regarding you, provide a copy of all passports or other documentation that show her listed as your mother

If you want to be on the safe side, you can order a DNA test yourself and keep the result ready that will prove beyond doubt that you are related

If you do not want to order a DNA test yet, you can wait for USCIS to comment on the current evidence and take it from there

Best of luck

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