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N400 Part 5 Date

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My residence was shifted in US from one address to another address in the same city in US. On the date of shifting the residence, i was already in the middle of travel in foreign country. 
Can i show the date of my old residence in N400  Part 5, upto the day of my return from travel. 

Postal address change and AR 11 uploading, were done  with in 10 days of shifting  but return from travel was 3 months after.
The travel was only for a period of 4 months and i visited many countries.

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It appears that while you were travelling abroad, your change of residence was coordinated by friends / family

My suggestion would be to write the truth about dates you actually moved

Example: If your last day at Residence 1 was say May 01, say so

If your first day at Residence 2 was May 02, say so

Please note that in your N 400 application you will be asked about all travel outside US for a specified period proceeding the application

Mention all the countries you have visited clearly in that section


If there is a question about how you could change address while you were abroad, tell the truth: Whoever form friends/family coordinated your move


That is it

All the best

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