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H1B cap to cap-exempt transfer

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I was working for non-profit organization on cap-exempt H1B. Recently started working at the for-profit company on cap H1B after approval this season. If I have to move back to the previous employer (non-profit, cap-exempt) -

1] Would my cap counted H1B be converted to cap-exempt H1B for employer transfer?

2] If I have to move to a for-profit company in the future from non-profit, would I have to file a new cap H1B petition?

Thank you in advance for all your answers. This forum has been a real help.

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Once you have been counted for the quota you can move between for-profit and non-profit organizations without problems, and without needing to be counted again.

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Hello Pii,

I am in similar situation as you. I am working on cap-exempt and just got cap H1 approved last week. Do you know what happens to cap H1 if I dont use it? If I plan to use cap H1 how soon should I use it.

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