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N400 online filing 1 day too early? Can USCIS deny at interview for this reason?

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As online N400 filers would know, the system does not allow you to apply before the "90 day" window (early filing) for a 5 year LPR. That been said, the USCIS online system had many glitches reported, especially on handling documents submitted as evidence.


I started my application and submitted evidence (as PDF files) some days before the first day I thought I qualified for early filing (which I thought it was 4/12/2018, since my GC date is 7/12/2013). Now, I am nervous because I just discovered the USCIS early filing calculator and used it and verified that the first day I should have submitted the file was 4/13/2018 (and not 4/12/2018, which is the day 91, so 1 day too early). However, the system DID allow me to submit that day and in my notice the Received date, Priority date and Notice date are all 4/12/2018 (1 day too early on the newly discovered calculation). 


I already received the biometrics notice, and had then done in April 2018 (5 months already). I have not been scheduled for an interview yet. 


Should I be worried that my application can be denied for "early filing" at interview, even thought the USCIS electronic system DID allow me to apply that day? Is there anyone that had this happening and had a succesful N400 approval? Any advice?


Thanks in advance.



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Yes, it could get denied at the interview. There really is no point in cutting it so close. There would have been no harm to wait a few more days before filing.

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Anything, including a denial for an improperly filed application, is possible; you're not home free until oath is administered.

Why the rush?  But what's done is done, water under the bridge. 

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