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What happens after Divroce for H4-EAD

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Hi All,

i wanted to ask one question.

issue is i am married 6 years ago and i got my i-140 approved and my wife is also having H4-EAD.
h4-ead is valid till june-30-2021.

now we have a 5 months baby who is US born citizen.

my wife have issues with her self and started thinking i am wrong in all aspects.she left home with out my knowledge to Other state with the new born baby.
up on trying to reach her she does not respond and started to make false allegations on me to her relatives.
she is currently in her sister home.
but her sister is denying her presence in her home but babies health insurance and check up records say she is with her sister in her home.

i waited for more than 45 days to her to cool down and change her mind. but now her parents are also against me and making all old 5 years and 4 years old my silly mistakes.

now issue is if i divorce her, then what happens to all of us
1. who can attain the baby custody?
2. what happens to her h4-ead post divorce?
3. what happens to my status ?
4. will she be deported or forced to move to home country back ?

and also please advice the legal process with OUT sepeartion and idea to ge back her and also my child back to my home as i really dont want to divorce her personally.
my intention is to make her come back and live a family life.

can any one advise on these ?

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The H4 and with it the EAD would be invalid if you are divorced, so she would have to get a different status or leave the country. Divorce doesn't affect your status.

Child custody is determined in divorce proceedings.

And you can't force (or "make") anybody back into your house. Your spouse and child are not your possessions.

In general, a spouse doesn't just leave.There usually has been a lot going on before that step. I suggest you look into marriage counseling.

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