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Urgent! Form DS 160 and consular district question

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Urgent! I will be traveling to India shortly and have to get H4 visa stamped. I have a few questions and I hope someone can help. 

1. What is the current wait time to get an interview date in Mumbai? (please answer if someone has had most recent experience)

2. I currently live in the US but born in Maharashtra. Does it matter which Consulate I go for the interview or am I limited to Mumbai only as it falls under that jurisdiction?

3. DS 160 has a question, "Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal of residence?"

I always go for visa stamping in Mumbai, India. Only this time, due to long wait at Mumbai Consulate and urgent travel plan, I am planning to get the Interview at Delhi Consulate. So what should my answer to this question be as the country is the same but the location of Interview is different?

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