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Just Someone

Gap between visits for parents

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My parents are here on a US visit for the first time on March21' 2018 & have I94 till Sept 16'2018. We need them to be here from December 2018 to May 2019 as we are expecting a baby in December. Would there be any problem at the POE if they go back at the end of July and come back at the beginning of December? Or it is better to apply for an extension? 


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why do they 'need' to remain so long? Providing child care is considered work and not allowed with a B2 visa...there is no legal need for them to be n the US for 6 more months unless it's to provide child care (not 'moral support' -- at least, not for 6 months!)

Now, if you doubt this salient fact, then either:

(a) apply for an extension and be sure to mention that babysitting is the reason for the request or...

(b) return in Dec and tell our border folks that they are arriving to provide child care....

then see what happens....or....(as most people do)

have your parent lie about their real reason for being in the US so long, etc...(".....I need six  months to see the Statue of Liberty and the GRand Canyon..."

In today's current administration, tolerance for visa abuse is very low...and if your parents do anything to jeopardize or lose their visa, they will not get another one for a long long long time...something to consider...



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Did they tell the CO during their interview that they were going to stay, say, two weeks, but have now stayed 6 months and are planning to stay even longer? You should know that COs can access certain entry/exit records and if they sample your relatives' and see the disparity, the CO can cancel their visa....no bona fide 'tourist' has legitimate reason to spend a year in the US unless they are working....

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