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Visitor Visa for parents , brother & neice

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Hello all, 

I am interested in having my parents (retired) visit us during the Christmas holidays this year. My parents are raising my 5 year old niece from my brother who has been separated from her wife for the past 5 years. I understand visa application process for my parents should be pretty straight forward. How should I address the documentation for my niece, considering my parents haven't received official guardianship for her yet. 

Should I schedule separate interviews for my parents , and my brother + niece.  I am planning to go to India this fall , and will need to get my visa stamping done at the embassy as well. In this case, can we all plan for a single interview at the consular office ?

Kindly advise.



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If they aren't the legal guardian of the child there is pretty much no chance of getting a visa for the child. The parents (both) would have to apply for it, and they would have to agree to allow the child with the grandparents. Otherwise, it would look like child abduction. Airlines also want documentation that the parents allow the child to travel with the grandparents, for the same reason.

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minor children generally qualify through their parents...without this aspect of 'ties', the COs will believe that the child will be 'left behind' in the US, never to return.

From my own experience as a former CO, I never issued a visa to a minor child unless  I thoroughly interviewed BOTH parents B (or one if the other was deceased)....no excuses nor promises were accepted, as the specter of child abduction/leaving the child in the US was too great...I would have rather read letters from unhappy relatives about why the visa was not issued than the kind of letters people write when a child was abducted....and I promised myself I would never knowingly allow such an occurrence to take place at my window....ever....

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