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DS-160 (overstayed the amount of time)

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2017 Events
I was on H4 status in 2016 and got approval of H1 in April 2017. 
March 2016 - I had H4 status.
April 2017 - I got approval of H1

I was pregnant at the time of H1 Approval and decided to not work and applied for status change back to H4 in May 2017(I-539 Number 1) based on my husband's H1 status which was valid till December 2017.

I never worked for my employer. My employer revoked my H1 status in July 2017. 

My husband applied for his H1 extension in November 2017 and also applied for my status change to H4((I-539 Number 2) because my previous application(I-539 Number 1) was not approved at that time.

May 2017 - Applied status change to H1 (I-539 Number 1)
July 2017 - Employer revoked my H1
November 2017 - Husband applied for his H1 extension and my status change to H4 (I-539 Number 2)
December 2017 - My husband's H1 extension pending along with my both status change application and then my husband waiting for his approval along with my status change to H4.
2018 Events
February 2018 - USCIS has started working on my I-539 Number 1 which I applied in May 2017 and got denied because at that time my husband does not have valid visa(USCIS doesn't know that he has applied for extension)

April 2018 - I was waiting for my I-539 Number 2's decision but eventually I left USA in 9th April 2018.

June 2018 - USCIS has started working on my husband's H1 extension application and got approval on his and my I-539 Number 2 application.

Question: I am planning to come back USA and applied for visa stamping. In DS-160, what should I answer to following questions:
(A)Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?
(B)Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or
otherwise violated the terms of a U.S. visa?
(C) Should I mention about my H1 employer for whom I never worked? I don't have pay stub or even SSN.

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