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Doctors for EB1

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We are forming a group (and it is increasing exponentially) to raise a voice for medical doctors working in the US.  We strongly believe that the doctors should be considered for EB1 cases.  We need to gather statistics regarding how many doctors are working on H1Bs, waiting for EADs, how many patient interactions are happening and how many areas are being served by foreign doctors.  Although our group is growing exponentially, we are limited on data and statistics and would like your guidance to support this movement.   Our plan is to meet with mayors/senators and other political bodies within our areas, on one specific day. All of us, take a day off and meet with them on the SAME day, to voice our concern and let them know our impact.

But we do need STRONG data to present and convince them.  Would you have any directions/pointers to gather such information? 

Any other advice to make this movement a successful one will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Just wondering why doctors (ONLY) should be classified under EB1 category? What is the rationale behind? Also how do you determine which doctors would qualify for e.g  would veterinary doctor qualify, would pcp qualify? Why nurses should not be considered under this category? And many more questions.... do you have any analysis of justifying your demand?

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Being doctor is not enough for EB-1. @Starwroker does not seem to understand and is on borderline of superiority complex. Go through the following page to get more information.


About 7,000 aspirant medical doctors enroll in residency each year. If you include all those into Green card quota each year, there will be great injustice to other professions.

Please do think, before you express your opinion.

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