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SG New Jersey

Change in Profession / Final Process of Green Card / RFE

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I am a single parent of a 15 year old (now) American born child. I have been, for the past 16 years, been waiting for my green card.


My priority date was February 2006 (EB3) and is now current for August 2017 according to the Visa Bulletin.

I applied for my I-485/ green card application in July of 2007 and I have been waiting for the past 10 years.


I just received the RFE in the mail for I-485.


1. They are asking for an updated medical form by a civil surgeon. I already understand that.

2. My application was applied as an architectural drafter (I have architect's degree from / recognized by WES). During a bad economy, I couldn't find a job in architecture and pursued a BSN. I'm working in the field of nursing and going to school for my Masters currently in nursing. Do I have to get a job offer letter from the architectural company (the company that sponsored my green card) again to work with them after the approval of my green card for 180 days?

3. Is the job offer letter required or is it optional? Can I get that job offer letter from another architectural company? Do I have to work in architecture after the approval of my green card or immediately?

4. At this point of the process, can I change the application process because of the changed profession?

6. I never applied for AC21 because I changed my job after four-five years working as an architect and receiving EAD and I-140 approval.

5. Do I have to send all of my previous EAD / Advanced Parole copies (all of them or the ones since I visited India)?


I have a family medical emergency and I have planned to go to India for three weeks. I'll be coming back on the 23rd of August. It is just very bad timing for me and I am very stressed due to this letter so please help and advise me on what I should do.

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