H1 in RFE - Can dependents(h4) travel to usa

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Here is my case...

H1B, EmployerH4 visas stamped in Oct 2016

FFE/NOIR issued in Nov 2016 (Due to the Client verification with client A) due date is DEC 2016 ending.

Then, I came to the USA in Nov ending 2016. No issues at POE. Got i94 till 01/2019.

I am working as a full-time employee with My employer. Started working with Client B immediately. My employer responded back to USCIS with all the required documents on Dec 25th 2016. But still, I haven't received any update from USCIS. It’s been around 5 months till now May 20th 2017, no update from USCIS.

My family is in India and planning to travel to USA in mid of June 2017. They have H4 visa stamped initially along with me H1B.

So my question is..

Can they TRAVEL if my status is showing as 'Response To USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received’?

am still on Status.?

What could be the issue and chances of approval?


I can share all the required documents like I797 and i94(expires 10/2019) documents along with employer and Pay stubs and bank statements at POE if required.

please, share your suggestions.

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