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H1B visa stamped with old employer, change in employer very soon and Spouse's H4 in proecess

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I am working on H1B work visa here in MI. I got recently married and my spouse is still back in India as she did not get visa dates because of US consulates are pretty packed up. But fortunately she got visa dates now and she is going for her H4 visa in next week. I am planning to change employer in coming 2 weeks. So once her visa will be done, most probably I may have started working with new employer. So her visa will be under my old employer and mine will be transferred to new employer. So I have some questions in this scenario:

1. When she will come to US, she will have my previous employer name on her visa. Is that will be an issue?

2. Do we need to change something on her visa once she comes here?

3. About my visa, my H1B visa is already stamped and do I need to re-stamp it if I visit to India after I start working with new employer. Or old visa with new I-797 will be fine to re-enter the United States?

4. Consider the situation where suppose I visit India to bring her here, I will enter United States with my H1B visa (stamped with old employer), approval letter from new employer and she will enter with her H4 stamped based on my old employer. So is there any issues at port of entry?

Thank you for your time.


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