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I-140 stuck with employer

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My friend has got I-140 approved but it is with his employer. When asked the details, the employer is not willing to share any information or provide a copy.

Please advise the alternative methods we can receive I-140 copy or details without letting the employer know.

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use the FOIA request


Bottom right hand side you will see a link to FOIA.

Download form G-639

Fill all sections except section 3. Get Notary signature for section 8. Select In-Person with ID as option for section 6.

-- Remember to fill in your parent's name and Port of entry date in the form even though its not marked as mandatory.

-- List your A# and I-485 number as petition details including their filing date etc.

-- Avoid listing I-94 number and dates on it if its expired. Its not mandatory for this request. Just A# along with your DOB, SSN will suffice.

-- Home address with USCIS must match the address listed here. If not, first get AR-11 processed correctly.

-- Specifically say that you want a copy of the AC21 employment portability letter filed on DD-MM-YYYY by XYZ Inc for A# xxxxxxx YOUR NAME. You need not give any reason for requesting the doc. Its optional. So leave it blank.

Send the form (priority mail for tracking) along with photocopy of I-485 receipt (and your driving license if you prefer) to the address given in the site.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office

P. O. Box 648010

Lee's Summit, MO 64064-8010

They will give you a tracking number which can be checked in same web page top right hand side. Mine started with 8000 and regularly decreased over the 3 months period. Once the tracking count comes near 200-400 you will see that your tracking no longer shows your wait listed number. At that time, it implies they have got the info and reply mail is on its way.

Its always better to ask for specific information rather than all documents. Specific info like AC21 documents or letters will place the request in fast track. If it goes in another complex track, that could delay document retrieval and also charges may be incurred for search and paper copying work done by USCIS. USCIS will usually send a reminder asking you if you want all documents even though you have specifically asked for AC21 letter. You can "upgrade" the request to all documents for a charge if you wish so. You can always submit another FOIA request in future to get all documents. So better to get the most relevant docs first and then make a generic request for all docs.

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