I-485 Supplement J

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This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the new form I-485 supplement J.

Rules for Topic of the Week Threads:

1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice.

2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section.

3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions.

4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual

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Hello Attorney, I have a pending 485 (EB2 category) from the last 5 years. I am working on EAD from last 5 years and last year changed employer based on AC21 and my new employer's attorney notified USCIS about my employment change. Now when I ask my new employer's attorney to file the 485 supplement J, He mentioned as we filed a strong AC21 notification last year, there is no need for the supplement filing and we can wait for a RFE or a NOID and then file the supplement, if asked for. This "waiting game" is little concerning me. Kindly let me know if I push him for the supplement filing or wait as per his advise.

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