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  1. So, you came to the US on H4 in September and continued to work for ABC until October? It is illegal to work while on H4. My previous post stands. You were not counted for the quota, that means you are not cap-exempt.
  2. So, you came to the US on H4 in Sep., but only resigned in October. That means you worked illegally. And since you never worked on H1 for the original H1 employer, the H1 has not been counted in the quota, which means that you are indeed not cap-exempt.
  3. In.principle ,it should be possible, but USCIS hasn't issued any guidance on this. Of course ACICS-accredited schools were always rather bad. 4th tier at best. People here always recommended going to a public school, not a for profit private one.
  4. You haven't applied. They had to apply on their own. If you used some agent, that would be a problem.
  5. A person is only counted once, even if the person has multiple applications. They do have a waitlist, i.e., they do select more applications than spots available, because there will be applications that get denied. People with multiple applications, for example, can expect RFEs, because USCIS suspects that such people paid for one or more of the applications. After all, no sane employer would file and pay for an H1 if the employer doesn't have the expectation that the person actually starts working there. Most multiple applications tend to be fraudulent.
  6. To be considered counted in the quota, you have to start working for the original H1 employer. Only then would a transfer be possible. Of course, you can work for B with the H4 EAD, but when the H1 starts you would have to go back to A.
  7. Puerto Rico is part of the US. Travel there is no different than travel to any other location in the US. Can you travel to Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, etc? If so, then you can travel to Puerto Rico.
  8. Why do you think your I-485 could get denied? Such stuff is highly unlikely.
  9. For unemployment benefits, you need to be willing and able to work in any job. The EAD allows that. Also, unemployment benefits are not public aid. It comes out of an insurance the employers pay into. So, there is no issue with GC processing.
  10. That is wrong. You are not considered counted for the quota until the H1 is approved and you have started working for the H1 employer.
  11. That would not be possible, because you need to have a valid H1 for her H4 to be valid.
  12. In principle, yes. But employment contracts usually have clauses that prohibit work on the side unless approved by the employer. So, you risk getting fired for cause if you take up additional work. One of the reasons is that an employer doesn't want their employees working for a competitor on the side. Also, they want your full attention to their job. Somebody dozing off because he worked a second job in the evening and didn't get enough rest is not going to last long.
  13. No real university allows CPT from day 1. You won't get an F1 visa for a shady university.
  14. You have to start working for the original H1 employer, but that's the only requirement. There is no requirement to stay a specific time with the employer.
  15. If I remember right, that applies to companies that have at least 50 employees.