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  1. The H1 quota is full. A new H1 can only be filed in April 2018 for a start date of Oct. 2018. For an L1A you need to be in a managerial position.
  2. Follow the document list from USCIS.
  3. That list is wrong. For H1, lack of ties to the home country is not an issue.
  4. We don't know anything about your employer, so why do you think we could know why USCIS asks for these documents???
  5. The clock only resets if a new petition is filed after you have been abroad for a year. Date of entry doesn't matter, date of filing the petition matters. If your H1 was filed before Aug. 6, 2014, the clock did not reset.
  6. The clock resets if the person is abroad for at least a year and after that year abroad, a new L1 or H1 petition is filed. It has to be a new one, not a transfer.
  7. It does not matter where you enter or exit.
  8. Your ticket should be based on your travel plans. Can you take off from your job for 180 days? Pretty much nobody can.
  9. Country of birth matters for the GC, not country of citizenship.
  10. The visa is usually B1/B2, so it is for tourism as well. You always need to have a return ticket.
  11. If you have a pending I-485 you are legal, you aren't out of status. To work, though, you need the EAD. So until you get the EAD, you have to stop working.
  12. The job has to match the LC, even if you change jobs. Your current job seems to be quite different from the job description in the LC. You need to discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.
  13. This is nothing new. The university has to be accredited to get an OPT extension. And if you joined another university, OPT is gone anyway, as soon as you joined the other university. That's all in the law. You can't get an OPT extension.
  14. As was already stated, time on L1 and H1 is combined. The clock only resets if the person is abroad for at least a year and THEN a new H1 or L1 is filed. In other words, the day of filing has to be after the 1-year abroad mark.
  15. The experience has to be after the Bachelor degree. Experience from before that doesn't count.