OPT application with JOB or without JOB offer


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I'm a doctoral student and graduating this summer so applying for OPT starting from 8/22/16. I'm already on my full time cpt (yes, it is an integral part of my degree-in my degree planning) that is expiring on 8/18/16. The company wants to hire me right after my graduation 


Does it make any difference if I apply with the job or without the job offer as far as the processing time?



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How do you find time to work on your thesis while working full-time?

In other words, sorry, but I think your CPT is not legitimate.

Writing a thesis is 24/7 work, there is no time to do work in a company.


I think that part is MY RESPONSIBILITY and i know what it takes to write a DISSERTATION


I THINK my CPT is fully LEGITIMATE as it is an integral part of my degree (yes, required) and I'm finishing my school within  time (within the first 4 years with no (0) delays). My school is well recognized and fully accredited that has over 20,000 students. I'm also working in a reputable company and the assigned project is 100% related to my field of study(also research topic).


Do you have an answer for my question, if so, I really appreciate. If not, I would rather receive useful feedback from someone who actually has an idea about this situation



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Well, I know as well what it takes to write a dissertation. There is no time in the week to work on the side.

So, get off your high horse.

I stand by my assertion that your CPT does not look legitimate.


I don't think I asked whether if there was time or not to work on the side? You keep replying to the questions that you asked yourself on behalf of me. 5 people in my committee will say the final words...not you, so keep it for yourself


"get off your high horse"- You are joking right? You are the one who is telling me how many hours/days/weekends I should spending for my dissertation.


I will ask moderator to delete this threat as I already have an answer for my question in another platform.


I suggest you to find another threat where you can spread your hatred comments...

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Oh, and btw, my training as a graduate student included finding the flaws in somebody's argumentation.

My adviser would point out these things in my early papers, so I learned what to look out for when somebody writes weak stuff.

Does your adviser not review your papers that you submit to conferences or journals? Do you not get the reviews from the peer-review process?


Based on what you've been writing here, it seems clear to me that your CPT is not legitimate.

No school that I know would require somebody to do an internship at the time they are writing their dissertation.

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And given that you try to sidestep my questions shows even more that your CPT is not legitimate.

I see this all the time from people who know that what they do is not right, the "I didn't ask for that" BS.

My assessment that your CPT is not legitimate obviously hit home. Thanks for confirming it.

You essentially killed your future in the US with that fake CPT.

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It all depends on your school name, if its really a very good school then you're safe but good schools will never issue CPT for a doctoral student especially when he is about to finish his degree.

Your attitude clearly says that something is wrong here.

Yup. No real university would approve CPT while the person is writing his or her PhD thesis. Simply not going to happen.

I only know one person (American) to finish his PhD while working, and writing the thesis alone took several years and a broken marriage...

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