Opt extention and h1b consular processing ?


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I am in F1-OPT status from May 2015, which expire on July 2016.

I Filed my H1 in Consular Processing on April 2016 in regular (not premium), which was picked in lottery and its in-process ,got receipt.
As opt expires on July 2016, I approached my college for stem extension before 45 days but my college informed me 
that i had CAP GAP till Sept 30 and  not eligible to apply for stem extension until opt expires(July 2016).
I do have couple of questions running on my head
Question 1: I applied H1B in consular processing, Why my cap-gap is initiated,even though I still had the valid opt? (Is it a mistake ****)
Question 2: Can request for the change of status instead of consular processing now?
Question 3: Can i apply opt-ext on CAP GAP with parallel of H1-Consular Process?
Question 4: do i need to go immediately for stamping after the change of status approved in H1-Consular Process ?
Question 5: If H1b consular processing approved, i am not able to apply for opt extension in cap gap ...so what will be the situation ? 
Question 6: If H1b consular processing not approved, Will my cap-gap removed ? if not can i apply for opt extension ?
Question 7: if i withdraw the petition ,will my sevis removed with capgap and able to apply for opt extention ?
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