H4 EAD Impact - While H1B Spouse changing jobs.


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I am working H1-B with Employer A and my wife has her H4 EAD approved through December 2017. I am planning to change job and I am concerned about my wife's EAD status.


Can anyone please help me with below queries:


1) Will H4 EAD get affected or will it be still active till Dec 2017 ? 

2) if My current employer revokes I140 - what happens in that case to EAD ?

3) If I get new H4- Extention for next 3 years, Can I have EAD extended along with H1 extention ?

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So you mean, that I can extend the H4 EAD along while I am applied for transfer and get equal extention on EAD?


The H1 and H4 EAD are independent of each other. There is no need to extend something that is still valid.

The H4 validity is tied to the H1 validity. And the EAD validity is tied to the H4 validity.

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