H1B Transfer before I94 expired but will 240 days rule apply for it's approval for my stay in US, Urgent help needed


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Hi Guys,


I am in a critical stage, Any help would be highly appreciated.


Employer A, H1B got expired on 29-sep-2015  (same date for my i94 expiry as well), But 10 days before that i applied for H1B transfer to employer B,

But the applications was pending till recently  i was able to work with the receipt number for the filing of Employer B H1B.

But now 25-march-2016 i got RFE which we answered on 26-may-2016.  


1) Due to this my 240 days (from 29-sep-2015) stay in USA from the time of my H1b with employer B application is done. Am i supposed to stay in US?? Should i continue my work??

2) I got to know 240 rule do not apply for porting case(transfer of employer) is that right???


3)I applied for premium processing on 26-may-2016 Is that late already??



Please help i am lot worried . Thanks in adavnce

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