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I have a situation where I my last date of employment with Company A is on 31 May, however, I have an offer from another employer who will be filing a H1 transfer petition either in June 1st week or at the latest in the 2nd week. Will this affect my H1 status and transfer petition approval ( will i be out of status since I will not be employed between Jun1 onwards till the new employer gets a filing receipt). If so, what can I do to avoid it? Please advice.



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Hi Pontevecchio,

Thank you for the response! I was a full time employee with Company A and moving as a full time employee to Company B which will be filing for my transfer in the next week or so. There are no Vendors/Consultants involved. 

Also, what is a approval with I94? My current I94 is valid till 2017, will they amend this while approving my H1 transfer?

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