Does Blanket L2 qualifies for a drop box for extensions


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Hi ,


I travelled to US on my blanket L1B last year without my family last year.


My petition and visa were valid between Feb 2013 to Feb  2016 so were my dependents Balnket L2.


I got my petition extended and got a new I 797 which states that I have L1B visa until Sept 2017. It does not mention the word 'Blanket' anywhere.


I want to get my family here. Since there Blanket L2 visa was also expired in Feb 2016, I am applying for their visa extension.


In the process I wanted to check if they qualify for drop box facility. Accordion to US Visa docs website spouses of L1B clearly qualify for a drop box.


But my company has booked in person interview t Chennai citing the reason that they do not qualify for drop box because their visa category would now be changed from Blanket l2 to individual L2.


I do not understand this. How a spouse of L1B can be an individual L2.


Please guide me whats the risk if I go for a drp box option for them? Is their risk of their visa rejection?








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