USCIS Suprise Visit and Project ended


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Need help on the below situations..



1) I got my H1-extension approved in the month of Nov'15, USCIS reached out my employer in the month on March'16 and told him that i have been selected for a random check at client place and asked for my Client details and my contact details, for which my employer responded.


We thought he would show-up soon, but he never showed-up and we thought he would never show-up and my contract ended last week with the client.. and now after 2 months he came for a visit yesterday and asked for me, people there directed him to my manager, and my manager told that my project ended last week..  what should i be doing now..? any help is appreciated..


Will it be any problem for my H1 or status


2) Based on my i-140 approval and recent H1 approval we applied for change-of-status for my spouse from H1 to H4-EAD (spouse is currently on H1) last week, we didn't get the receipt number yet, Will it be any problem if the ead is approved..?


Thanks in advance 




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