H4 EAD while in India


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I was on H1 from 2009 Dec-2015 Dec.  After my H1B expired, I have traveled to India and have been here since February. (Had applied for change of status from H1 to H4 in December and it was pending while I traveled here).  My wife's I-140 just got approved. 

  1. Is it possible to apply for H4 while I am in India?
  2. Once my H4 is approved and I travel to US, how soon can I apply for H4 EAD?
  3. Or can I apply for H4 EAD while I am in India
  4. Do I have to stay in the US for my H4 EAD to be processed?
  5. Can I return to India for a few months, after my H4 EAD application is submitted and go back to US on H4 EAD (when I am ready to travel back)

Please let me know. 


Thank you.

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