conifrmation page and appointment confirmation carry different barcode

Esmatullah Sahebdil

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Hello Everyone,


I filled an online DS-160 on April 27 and scheduled my interview on May 16, 2016. Due to a demonstration, it was cancelled and I was advised to reschedule an appointment for another date.

While trying to retrieve my submitted DS-160, I was receiving a message that it has been submitted and I need to refill another DS-160 form.

I did so but while trying to reschedule an appointment, I came across another message indicating that I have an appointment already in place. So, I entered my previous DS-160 barcode and I could visit available dates.

I scheduled an appointment for June 13, 2016 but the problem is that my confirmation page carries the new barcode while my appointment confirmation carries the old barcode.

I am a little worried if my application is processed. I checked several times my visa application status (both new and previous), I am receiving a message as: "No Status". And I am advised to contact the consulate visa section.

I sent an email to consulate, but I recieved an automatic email that they are not responding to emails. Each applicant is directed to their relevant section.

Since I am an Exchange Visitor, I contacted my relevant contacts but have not received any feedbak yet.


Please kindly help me what to do.



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