L2 EAD to H4 EAD Switch - Clarification


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I got my I-140 approved while I was on H1 previously. Now in US on L1-A and my wife on L2. She has L2-EAD and is working. I would like to know if my wife can switch from L2-EAD to H4-EAD by following the below path. I am working with company A. 


1. Company B (consultancy) files for H1 transfer based on approved I-140. 

2. Company B files for H4 and H4-EAD together as well 

3. I continue working on L1 with company A and wife continues working on L2-EAD 

4. H1, H4 gets approved, still we continue working on L1 and L2-EAD 

5. H4-EAD gets approved after that 

6. Now switch to company B from company A and start working on H1 

7. Wife switch to H4-EAD and continue working with same employer 


Is this possible?

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